THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Forty-One

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

His head went back, his eyes closed, and his mouth made a soundless “O” as she blow-jobbed him as if her mom’s life depended on it.

To accomplish it, Leesa had to drive everything out of her head except his cock. She had to pour all her desires, dreams, and hopes of true love into her consciousness to wipe out the monstrous reality she was now jailed in. She welcomed the roar in her ears and the lightning blinding her eyes. It was the only way she could get through.

So Leesa didn’t hear the sound of her mother coming up the back stairs. She didn’t hear the sound of her mother coming down the hall. She didn’t hear the sound of her mother approaching her daughter’s bedroom door. She didn’t even hear the doorknob rattle.

All she knew is that Andy suddenly grabbed the back of her head in both his hands, slammed his penis all the way down her throat, and erupted like Vesuvius.

Leesa gasped and choked, the semen spraying her throat – only opening her eyes when the sedative-soaked sponge slammed onto her lower face.

Then she was flying: off the side of the bed, to be powerfully pressed into the carpet as his body inexorably held her there like a descending hydraulic press, his arms slithering around her throat and across her mouth like pythons.

He clamped her to him, his back to the room’s door, one arm around her throat, his hand clamped over her mouth so tightly it felt her skull would crack, and his legs scissoring hers.

Leesa clawed, scrabbled, and tried to heave as the jism drowned her throat and the trank flooded her head. Her mind screamed in abject terror as breath was denied her and unconsciousness charged.

Then she was a small, sexy, slim, shapely, still form squeezed beneath him as her bedroom door slowly opened.

When her mother stood in the doorway to gaze into her daughter’s room while agonizingly wondering where her child was, her naked, unconscious daughter was just out of sight – the man who had abducted and repeatedly raped her slowly, soundlessly pulling her deeper under the view-blocking bed.

He nearly chortled when her even, insensate nostril made a mucous, saliva, and cum bubble on one clamping finger.

But then the mother was gone and the door closed after her. Andy finally relaxed his grip on the poor girl’s mouth and neck as the feeling of her exquisite flesh returned to the fore. What a spectacular girl, he thought, drinking in her cataleptic face, incredible chest, amazing curves, and splayed, shapely legs.

He glanced up to make sure Mrs. Mendaski was well and truly gone, then did a breath-taking double-take. Something deep in Leesa’s closet caught his eye. He couldn’t believe it, but there it was. He looked down at his beautiful, unlucky “wife” with renewed depravity. And just when even he, and she, thought it couldn’t get any worse….

Leesa Mendaski’s eyes fluttered open. As with every moment since she had coincidentally ran into Andy Brannigan’s parents in the rundown, isolated convenience store lifetimes ago, awakening required a new set of criteria -- starting at her mouth and arms.

She moaned, feeling the way her jaw was stretched, something clacked behind her teeth, and drool slowly coursed over her luscious lower lip.

Her arms shifted, feeling the steel constriction at her wrists behind her arching back.

Then she felt something on her body and hips…something she vaguely recognized….


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