THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Forty-Four

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

“But ya gotta promise not to say it was us, understand?” deputy Ted chimed in. Kerry looked from one to the other in shock … but then swung her head back toward the sheriff when he grabbed her left tit like a softball.
“You got that, girl?” he seethed, twisting with his hand, staring intently into her pained eyes. “If you keep your mouth shut like we been teaching you, it’ll be okay. But if you say one word…!’ He pulled her breast in agonizing emphasis, “One…word…! You’ll disappear for good. You got that?”

He pinched her nipple and Kerry jerked in place. “Got it?!”
Kerry nodded fervently as the Brannigan boy surged again and again into Leesa Mandaski as she lay on her back in the rear of the vehicle, the fingers at the end of her handcuffed wrists splaying and fisting in agony. “Now that,” he grunted, “is what I call a first date!”

They blindfolded the Sherman girl with a sleep mask as they prepared to depart. “Now you just lay there and take it like a good girl,” the deputy instructed. “It’s for your own good, ‘cause it’ll all be over soon.”

He smiled and nodded at the sheriff who slid in beside her, rested her head on his lap and slid his hand inside her dress.


“That’s right,” Jim assured her as he gripped her superlative breasts. “We just want what’s best for you….” Four cars away, Andy Brannigan announced: “Okay, it’s blue goo time again!” He coated the blonde’s throat, then took his own sweet time shoving a stuffed leather pad gag between the ratchets holding Leesa’s jaw wide.

Finally, he strapped it tightly behind her head. He had already supplemented the handcuffs with black tape and pull-ties. When he snapped the jaw spreader off, she flopped down to the seat like a beached fish.

He laughed as one tit popped out from the semen and sweat-soaked sweater and her blue, shining eyes rolled in torment. “Time to get our little princess home,” he crowed, “and to her happily ever after!”

He dragged her up to the window by her hair and drove slowly past the fourth car. “Wave bye bye to the nice officers, Leesa,” he suggested. “It’ll be the last time you see them…!”

The Mendaski girl saw the sheriff and deputy. They saw her, her face bulging above the brutally tight gag.

As she passed, Jim pulled the blinded, gagged, and bound Sherman girl’s head up into sight.

The Mendaski girl went nuts: howling, writhing, and slamming her body against the windows and door … for all the good it did her. Andy chortled as he drove away, lightly petting whatever part of her he could reach. “There, there my darling,” he soothed. “There’s no need for any of that….”

“Okay,” Kerry Sherman heard. “You ready?”

The extraordinarily pretty little brunette just sat there in the low cut little black microminidress, the five inch high heels, the waist chain and attached handcuffs, blindfold, and plugged ring gag, not daring to hope.

“I said, you ready?” Deputy Ted repeated, poking her bubble tit. Kerry nodded fervently, then, much to her shock and amazement, she felt the handcuffs start to be unlocked and the gag start to be unstrapped.

She could hardly hear over the rush in her ears, but somehow Sheriff Jim’s sonorious tones filtered through. “Now you just remember what you promised. Not one word about what really happened. You were kidnapped by a biker gang, right? They kept you. They did this to you. Right? Right?!”

The Sherman girl nodded again and again and again as her arms slid free and the ring gag popped out from behind her teeth. Hoping against hope, her head began to rise, but she daren’t reach for the blindfold herself.


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