THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Fifty-One

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

“We’ll find them all right,” Sheriff Jim concluded, tipped his hat and went outside with Deputy Ted. The two stood there for a moment, looking off into the distance as if contemplating a universal truth, then made their way back to their car … which was parked in front of a nondescript sedan with darkened windows.

The police car left the curb and the neighborhood, the nondescript car slowly following. They both stopped behind a dank, dark dive bar.

When Jim and Ted opened the back door of the non-descript vehicle, Leesa was “waiting” for them: still “dressed” in the bustier, garter belt, hose, and heels, still panel-gagged, but bound with her forearms strapped parallel in the small of her smooth back.

She started kicking and screaming as they fell in from either door. “Now, now, honey, don’t be like that,” Andy chided. “They’ve earned this visit for making your folks feel better, remember?”

The sheriff sat on her stomach, getting a rousing tit fuck, as the deputy plunged into her cunt. “Yeah, bitch, he muttered. “Been waiting for this ever since I came in your face…!”

About four minutes into the assault, as Jim played with Leesa’s thick hair and Ted was plunging his sopping hard-on into her lubed ass, the senior cop noticed the bride’s hubby watching them dispassionately from the front seat.

“Now don’t you mind us,” the sheriff drawled. “We just got to make sure we don’t feel like attacking the Sherman girl as soon as we see her again….” And then he spurt cum into the bound and gagged blonde’s quailing face.
The real estate man had a hard time keeping his eyes off the dentist’s blushing bride.

“Uh…,” he continued, trying to keep his mind on the task at hand as the new college graduate carefully guided his young, seemingly shy, shapely, unsteady wife toward the back door of the residency. “Yes, it’s the perfect office-slash-home for a new dentistry start-up,” the real estate man said, retreating into routine to keep from staring at the blond girl’s incredible legs and amazing ass beneath the beige pencil skirt -- her small, seemingly perfect feet wedged into cream-colored high heel pumps just this side of slut.

The real estate man kept his eyes locked on the plain door they were approaching on the suburban street, across the road from an elementary school, no less. Andy smiled at the way the man studiously avoided looking back at his wife – especially the way her chest swelled in the starched white shirt beneath the tailor-made (or should he say, mother-made) beige suit jacket with every deep breath.

Then he smiled at her: her hands demurely in her jacket pockets, big sunglasses completely covering her eyes, a big fashionable hat covering her head, and, of all things, a bridal veil covering her face. He had joked with the real estate man about about his wife’s quirky sense of humor. After all, he explained, she was a stickler for warping tradition, since the wedding had been so recent.

The girl in question added nothing, of course. How could she -- with her mouth filled, lips sealed, and eyes taped shut beneath the lace and spectacles? Besides, she didn’t even hear them. The hat and her beautiful golden hair neatly covered the advanced ear plugs he had secured in her aural canals – the cutting edge kind that nullified sound without unsightly bulging headphones. She didn’t even know where she was or that anyone was with them.

“Sure, the school gets a little noisy when the kids arrive in the morning and go home in the afternoon,” the real estate man coincidentally said, making sure he had all the right keys to hand over. “But you’ve got a business to run. I’m sure you don’t care to sleep in too late, right?”

“Just me,” Andy replied. “My dear darling bride’ll be all snug and comfy-cozy, tucked in tight every morning when I go to work.” He gave her waist a squeeze and she moaned softly, stumbling against him. “Oh, now, there, there, dear.” He smiled comfortingly at her as he held her tighter against him. “I’m afraid she’s still a little … happy … from last night’s festivities,” he explained to the real estate rep, beaming at her. “My baby sure loves to party.”

The real estate man wished he had a handkerchief to mop his brow. “You’re a lucky man,” he said honestly, his eyes drifting down her shape again. Andy smiled, considering it a coup to find such an obvious leg and ass man. All it took was a couple of “jokes” during the buying process to discover the guy’s predilections … and Andy definitely wanted someone less likely to study his bondage babe’s face during the key handover.

/If only the guy had known how tightly she had been bundled up in the trunk of his car during that buying process … pear-gagged, hooded, single-gloved, hog-tied at ankle/knee, nipple-clamped, dildoed and butt-plugged, sporting a cupless skintight vinyl corset complete with garter belt, black vinyl stockings, wicked black patent high heels.

Of course he could have kept her there throughout, and snuck her into her new lodgings in the dead of night, but what would’ve been the fun of that? Especially after his straight A education in the art of keeping a customer pain-free, silent, and motionless while he worked on their mouths. So many sedatives and anesthetics, so little time….


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