THE LIBRARY: Rebound Part Fifteen

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

The beautiful blonde cringed, choked, and cried as her tormentor approached, and the wire around her throat tightened.

"Oh, dear, oh dear," Agnes clucked. "Look at your poor neck. And your glorious yellow beaver. Oh, you poor thing. Well, we must do something about that, mustn't we?"

The old woman went to the closet and opened the door.  Leesa stared at the rack of corsets -- especially the bright red one the old woman removed.  It made the one she was wearing look positively loose.

Leesa started to beg as Agnes re-approached. The woman pulled over the padded bench of a make-up table to set the corset and doctor's bag on, then started unclipping the blue/black corset Leesa already wore.

"No need to thank me, my dear," she said mildly, ignoring the true meaning of the blonde's sounds. "We just have to get you ready, that's all. Your one true love will be home soon...."

Leesa started to yell, but the wire grew taut and her hysteria was choked off.

"Now don't get too excited, dear. Everything'll be all right if you just take it easy." Agnes admired the girl's unblemished alabaster skin as well as her firm yet curving shape.

But then she started to fit the new, red corset around her, and all Leesa could do was grunt ... until there wasn't even enough air left for that.

A few minutes later, Agnes stepped back into the hall, her mouth open to call Tom, but she shut her lips to watch approvingly.

Her husband had the little brunette standing at the end of the hall. Actually she was leaning over forward, her head precariously close to the front window, her hands tied behind her, and her wrists affixed to her waist with more rubber-coated wire. Her legs were free, for all the good they did her.

She was now wearing the microminiskirt and midriff-exposing tee, along with the high heels, although you couldn't call any of it concealing. Tom's hands were up in the shirt, gripping her hanging breasts, while his cock was up the skirt, rutting her from behind. His own legs kept hers spread. As desperate as she was to fall or run, she was like a sex doll in his strong arms.

She was trying to grunt, but with the cock'n'balls gag in her mouth, all she could do was hum. And drool. The drool splattered out of her mouth like a leaky faucet, her drenched lips working furiously. The stuff coated her chin, splattered her chest and soaked into the shirt.

"Let's treat it like a wound," Tom grunted, still thrusting into the captive's sex. "Hand me the gauze pad and the bandages, huh?"

"Hand you nothing," his wife chided, grabbing the stuff but walking by him. "You keep at it." She, herself, carefully placed the pad over Kerry's moaning mouth, then wound the bandage tightly around it and her head as Tom held the girl's hair up.

When she finished, the brunette's lower face was tightly sealed and the saliva was just beginning to darken the tan elastic.

Tom returned his hand to Kerry's tit, and kept fucking her up the ass. "What can I do for you?" he grunted.

"Thought I needed a little help," Agnes said quietly, watching him work on the debilitated brunette. "But now I don't think so. You just finish the job, hear?"

"Hear," he said, grinning wickedly, grinding Kerry's fine tits in his fingers while rthymically and repeatedly impaling her. Agnes watched as the girl's face got perilously close to the window again and again, her hair tapping it over and over. Yet as she yearned for it, Tom expertly held her back.

Finally he gripped her tits as if trying to pop them, dragged her back to the wall, shoved his cock up into her as far as it would go -- forcing her up on tiptoes -- and cannoned into her again.

Even before her shoes hit the ground, Agnes was there, strapping the girl's ankles and knees as Tom pulled down the shirt to just cover her aureoles and the skirt to just cover her creamed tuft.

"That's what you get, bitch," he whispered to her in lieu of nothing. Then he started to wrap her eyes with bandage as Agnes held her quaking body.

They both dragged her into the room where Leesa stood unsteadily, her eyelids fluttering...