THE LIBRARY: Model Prisoner Part 6

MODEL PRISONER Part 6 {Continued From Here}

Model6{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Agnes. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}  


The dark-haired girl was flat on her back, the silicon valley CEO on her stomach, giving himself a tit-fuck while holding up her head so she could receive his ejaculation full in her ring-gagged mouth.

And the blonde was held onto the lap of some Asian by her hips, drool pouring from her pried-open mouth, making noises only the raped could make.

As soon as they noticed Michelle, however, the movement changed. The tycoon pushed the red-haired girl off him. Denise fell, cringing, onto her back. The Asian did the same, Stacy falling to her face, her body wracked by sobs. Only the computer company man redoubled his efforts, spurting into Kerrie’s weeping face and mouth before he stood, his still throbbing member in his hand.

"Ah," said a spiky-haired young man who appeared from the kitchen. “Enough of the appetizers. I see our main course has arrived.” He turned to the others, rubbing his hands. "Appraisal will commence on procurers' orders. Bidding will start promptly at three."

For whatever it was worth, Michelle went into a shock just short of insanity as they encircled her. The dehumanizing, lustful looks on their faces did it, if not the culminating crash of what she had already suffered. But bound and gagged as she was, it made no difference to her captors.

Outside, an entire city carried on, unaware. Inside the very building, just one wall away, neighbors watched television, slept, net-surfed, or ate. But inside this room, three innocent girls had been kidnapped and despoiled in preparation for the arrival of an internationally famous super model, who now stood, stilled and silenced, just inches from them.

They bid for the right to be first. The unctuous businessman who had been mouth-fucking Denise won the honor with an outrageous bid, paid in cash on the spot. The brother and sister had little doubt that this is what he came for, and had no intention of actually buying her. His was strictly rental action.

And he took her there, right on the floor, pulling down her panties and unclipping her bra unceremoniously. Then, with the lingerie around her waist and ankles...

He dragged her to the carpet, wedged himself between her legs, and started fucking her, his mouth at her throat, his hands bulging with her breasts.

The others watched casually...

...Denise gathered up by the rival model agency owner by her tits, Kerrie’s mouth crammed back onto the computer whiz’s crank, and Stacy forced across the knee of a British government official, her firm ass paddled.

When the tycoon finished, he immediately sat on Michelle’s stomach and gave himself a tit fuck.

Cooing, he finally spurted again, letting the cum drool achingly down to her slightly parted lips, then slip inside. Michelle screwed her eyes shut and shuddered, unable to even spit.

“Delicious,” the tycoon breathed.

Then it was the rival model agency owner’s turn. The brother and sister knew that she, too, was not into owning...she was into punishing...for not signing with her agency. So out came the battery-run butt plug and the strap-on crusted dildo as Denise was quickly dragged aside by a sports star. “Who’s a naughty girl then?” the woman hissed, jamming herself between Michelle’s legs.

The group had rarely seen a more sadistic, stylish performance -- repeatedly driving Michelle to the edge of orgasm, then denying it with a pinch or slash or slap of pain to the clit, tit, or face. Finally she pulled out, jammed a vibrator into Michelle’s aching cunt, and held it there while forcing her onto her face and burying the entire dildo up the model’s ass.

Michelle screamed, her glued lips stretching, the ball clicking against her teeth before the woman unstrapped the dildo, leaving it in her, dropped her pants, and rammed her own pantyless cunt into the girl’s face, rubbing Michelle’s lips against her drooling beaver.

Michelle moaned in agony and revulsion, her entire body spasming, the dildo and vibrator sticking out of her like spears. Her fingers reached achingly for them, but either the brother or sister pulled them aside just before they touched the impaling poles.

Finally the woman pissed on her, streaming her urine into her face and onto her breasts. Even the jaded crowd on hand had to cry out “whoa!” as if they had just witnessed an amazing move in a basketball game. “Okay!” the rival model agency woman declared, straddling the gasping girl. “Who wants her next?!”

The spiky-haired host, in the company of a blonde and brunette, was there almost at once with cleansers and towels. “Let us move into the playroom, shall we?” the dark haired man suggested, letting the brother and sister gather up the comatose model and half carry, half drag her down a wide hall to another door.

Even in her condition, Michelle couldn’t help but shudder at what she perceived there....

...A brass bed bolted to the floor. An impaling pole. A wood block. Shackles in the wall, floor, and ceiling. A wooden “X.” A steel cross. Straight back chairs with steel, wooden, rubber, and plastic penis-shaped prods attached. A hospital gurney with hospital restraints and electroshock equipment. Lace, leather, rubber, and spandex clothes strewn everywhere. Straps, cuffs, tape, and cloth everywhere else.

Outside the room, the blonde and brunette assistants unclipped Denise, Kerrie, and Stacy from their corsets, but what they replaced them with was worse. A rubber coated wire crushed their breasts. Twelve-inch dildos were jammed up their cunts and secured by belts between their thighs to belts crushing their waists. Then their knees and elbows were cinched, and their wrists shackled and hung behind them from the ceiling -- so they were bent over, cringing and crying, their high heels scraping the carpet like harnessed ponies.


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