THE LIBRARY: Model Prisoner Part 4

Model4MODEL PRISONER Part 4 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Agnes. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}  



A short, slim, red-headed casino waitress named Denise -- with deep brown eyes and buoyant breasts -- finished her shift, changing from the miniskirted toga into her street clothes: a silk miniskirt, dark stockings, heels, u-necked blouse, and open, long-sleeved sweater.

She went to her car, put the key in the lock, and heard the door of a van parked alongside open behind her.

A thick pad sealed her mouth and nose. An arm circled her waist.

She was dragged, thrown, and lifted backwards, slamming onto the padded van’s floor with all the certainty of a guillotine. The door slid and locked shut behind her. Her arms and legs went up, but were caught in mid-air, her ankles and knees wrapped with tape.

As the pad was shoved into her mouth, another pad, this one drug-soaked, was clamped over her nose and both were taped in place.

She was spun over onto her front, her arms were wrenched behind her, then her wrists were taped and her elbows strapped.

 Her blouse and bra were ripped down, and bull-clips were clamped onto her nipples while her skirt was tossed up and a thin tight rope was anchored onto her hip bones and wedged deeply through her pantied sex.

Only then was she unceremoniously dropped...left to breathe in the cunning sedative and suffer the lightning at her breasts and cunt.

The van drove away slowly -- the girl’s keys still in her car door....


A short, curvy college student named Kerrie, with short black hair and big brown eyes, went to the ladies room of a local luncheonette wearing a short-sleeved, u-necked top, shorts, and sandals. As she left the loo, the broom closet door opened behind her.

A thick cloth clamped onto her lower face, a clawing hand gripped one tit and she was wrenched back, the broom closet door sealing her in darkness.

She was punched sharply in the stomach, taking her breath away and doubling her over.

She was hit on the back of the head, knocking her unconscious. The pad never left her mouth. It was stuffed in and taped over quickly as her hands were tied and taped. Her shirt and bra were pulled down, her nipples wired tightly toward each other.

Her ankles were tied to her thighs, her knees cinched around her neck, and she was dumped into a big plastic garbage can on wheels.

With refuse dumped atop her, she was wheeled out the back to the small garbage truck.

They drove away with her lying amid the trash in the back, a sexy little female ball, her breasts wedged against her thighs.

Her ice tea and salad remained uneaten.

A cute, long-legged, pert-breasted, blue-eyed blonde named Stacy went to visit her new apartment one last time before reporting to her new job in this new city.

Standing amid the boxes in the early morning sunlight, wearing a new blue silk miniskirted suit and high heels, she only had time to open her mouth and widen her eyes before the three figures in ski-masks and sweatsuits leaped out of hiding to hit her with three zappers at the same time: on her neck, chest, and thigh.

Dropping like a felled tree, the girl jerked uncontrollably as two men grabbed her spasming wrists and ankles while the third tossed up her skirt, tore off her panties, ripped open her shirt, and wrenched down her lace bra.

The three took turns fucking her, only pausing to stuff her panties in her mouth when she could begin to make sounds again.

They didn’t even pause when the phone rang, letting the answering machine do its work as she writhed below them, her wrists and ankles twisting in their grip -- her face mashed down by a gagging hand clamped over her mouth.

“Just wanted to make sure you weren’t late on your first day,” said an associate. “But obviously you’re on your way....”

Stacy screamed in muffled agony as the message clicked off and the man came in her.

Trading off a final time, the sweet blonde below them twisting in anguish, the third man brutally fucked her, then all three zapped her again -- at the neck, tit, and cunt. Within seconds, her skirt was pulled down, her shirt closed, and clear tape was wrapping her mouth, shins, and wrists behind her.

Dropping her into a box they had already emptied without her knowledge, the three “movers” brought her down to the front door, across the rush hour sidewalk, loaded her into their moving van, and drove away.


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