THE LIBRARY: Girl Next Door The Conclusion

wrap01An OLD SCHOOL TYLER Story.....Continued From Here

"Is anybody getting that?" the husband boomed from upstairs.

"Wilma," said the older teen, already moving toward the pantry. "You answer the fucking door."

The eighteen year old moved down the hall as the older teen pinched Kate's exposed nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Despite the pain and shock paralyzing her, she gasped. The woman clamped her lips even tighter, dug her knee in even deeper and practically tore her arm to her hair until Kate was paralyzed by eye-bulging pain.

"Yeah?" said Wilma, opening the door a crack.

"I'm looking for a friend," said the man across the street. "Have you seen anybody tonight?"

Kate gasped again, then squeezed her eyes shut, grinding her perfect teeth around the sponge. Tears starting streaming down her shivering face. She was trapped, she was trapped, she was trapped! Either stay here in this hell, or try to get help from her own multiple molestor...!

The older teen hefted her tit appraisingly, then gripped it like a softball, letting her girl-flesh fill in the space between his dirty fingers.

"Nope," said Wilma, and closed the door.

And it was done.

"If you're going to stand there, Thad," the woman hissed, "at least be of some use." She jerked her head toward the sink. "Get me that dishrag." Kate started to squeal and bleat. The woman jerked the girl's arm even higher. "Shut up, cunt, unless you want your pretty face cut." The older teen retrived the wet, sodden, streaked rag. "Now I'm gonna let go of her mouth and you tie it between her teeth fucking tight, you hear me?"

"No problem, ma," Thad drawled. "I'll cut off the blood to her fucking head."

Kate almost went mad, but all her shock did was stiffen her so the teen was almost able to do what he promised. Soon she was gagged as completely as before. She clacked on her high heels once, then twice, her eyes huge and blinking as the sponge was forced even deeper into her cheeks and her jaw was pried apart.

"Now see what's taking your father!" the woman barked.

"Wilma!" Thad, the older boy, ordered. "Go see what's takin' dad!" Then he nimbly stuck his fingers under Kate's skirt and started diddling her cunt.

"Get your hand outta that girl's crack!" the father demanded, striding into the kitchen. Kate was already up on her tippy-toes, gagging, as he came in, his hands filled with hemp and duct tape. "Nobody gets into that action before I do."

The boy gave Kate's vagainal lips a last flick, like setting off a marble. She jerked in place just as the father cuffed the teen hard on the side of the head. Thad went down at her feet.

"Did you hear me?" he threatened. Only when Kate's eyes pinballed down, she saw the struck teen still leering, seemingly none the worse for wear...looking up her skirt.

As the father grabbed her exposed breast, her eyes rolled back into her head, her eyelids fluttered, and the world grew slowly black....


They dragged her downstairs. The whole family. They threw her onto the dirt floor. The woman grabbed one arm, the teens the other. The head of the house fucked her right then and there.

He was bigger than the man across the every way. He was harder, and wider, and longer, and more savage. The moment he rammed into her, punching and kneading and biting her tits, Kate's eyes popped open and she wailed like a drowning victim. She didn't know how right she was.

It made no difference to her new rapist. Nothing did except exploding down her lush, wet, young, tight fuck-hole. When he shot his load, Kate thought she might burst, then nearly vomited into the gag when he threw her over and started fucking her up the ass as the rest of the family scrambled to grab her flopping arms.

When he wasn't yanking on her tits, he was using her hips as handles. Finally he spewed in and over her, threw her down on her back again, wiped his cock on her hair, then sat on her semi-conscious face.

"I want her to blow me," he said.

"Not yet," said the woman.

"I want a blow job!"

"Not yet!" she screeched. "She'll scream."

The man suddenly exploded into action, tearing the gag from Kate's face and grabbing her hair in both hands. "Fuck you!" he bellowed. "Fuck you!" And he rammed his cock into Kate's gaping mouth so hard and fast she had no choice but to choke on it. "You hear a scream? I don't hear a fucking scream."

But they did all hear choking as Kate's arms flailed and her legs kicked, her hands finally grabbing onto the man's legs for dear life.

"She'll bite!" the woman warned.

"She won't bite," the man promised, jerking Kate's head up and down his shank by her hair with both hands. "She can't bite!" he said, keeping up the momentum, pushing and pulling the girl's face like a piston.

Kate gagged, dry-heaved, and gurgled, her limbs flopping on either side of the man until he grabbed the back of her head in one massive hand and shoved her face all the way to his balls. Locked onto his cock, the crown down her throat, he cannoned another load all the way into her.

When he dropped her and her head hit the dirt—cum spraying, then drooling down either side of her beautiful face—the woman thought the young, firm, shapely, well-endowed girl might be dead.

No such luck.

Kate coughed cum, curled up onto her side, and shook violently before she finally stilled to moans and shivers.

"You go off now," the woman told the teens quietly. “It’s a work night. You go off and get some sleep." She looked down at the trembling, semi-conscious girl in the hot pink nightclub outfit. "Me and...your new sister...has got to come to an understanding." And she pulled out a worn leather case filled with pins....


THE END - for now?wrap01