THE LIBRARY: Girl Next Door Part 8

tn_stuffed_jpgAn OLD SCHOOL TYLER Story.....Continued From Here

"Sure, darling, sure," the woman soothed her in a scratchy voice. "We'll call 'em. We'll call the cops right now." She jerked her head angrily at her motionless, blank-faced husband. He shrugged sharply, but then the woman jerked her head again, only this time at Kate's incredible form—quaking in her micro-mini skirt and nearly bursting out of the criss-cross v-necked halter.

The older teen stared at Kate's long, shapely, outstretched, slightly bent legs in their pink ankle strap high heels...and slowly licked his lips...eyes glittering.

The man at the top of the stairs finally nodded and moved quickly toward the rear of the house.

"There, there, dear," the woman soothed roughly. "Come on, come on, let's go to the kitchen. We'll call the pigs. Right now...I promise." She then helped Kate up, almost lifting her.

Kate blinked, wobbling on the heels, but then leaned heavily on the woman, walking carefully down the remainder of the hall. "Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you!"

The kitchen was a classic old room: worn, chipped, cracked plastic tile on the floor, dirty white tile on the walls up to torn, peeling wall paper. Old appliances. Old formica table. Padded aluminum chairs. A musty, disintigrating smell. All lit by dull yellow lightbulbs. The hair started standing on the nape of Kate's neck.

"I...I," she started, but then sat heavily down, her breasts jiggling.

"We're calling the fuzz right now, honey," the woman interrupted, busying herself at the pantry door by the dark basement steps. "Here, have a glass of iced tea to calm you down."

"T-tea?" Kate echoed. "But...?" She turned toward the front and saw the two teens staring at her from the living room doorway. It might have been the light, but the older one seemed to be leering....

She turned quickly away from the macabre sight to stare into a plastic glass filled with amber liquid which was thrust in her face. "I...!" she started. "T-thank you." She reluctantly took the glass, needing both hands, then started looking around the walls. "The phone...I should talk to them...!"

"My husband is calling them, honey," the woman said, coming toward her. "They know him. Come on, drink up, you'll feel better." She put an arm around Kate's shoulders, her fingers clawing on the young girl's naked arm.

"Yes," Kate mumbled, shock tingling over her. "Yes...."

"Hey ma," said the younger teen girl from the doorway. "I can see her beaver."

Kate started, nearly dropping the glass. "W-what?"

"I can see your beaver, bitch," said the teen. "You're one sweet cunt."

There was a second where nothing happened. No sound. No movement. Even the air seemed to stop.

Then the doorbell rang.

Kate opened her mouth to scream. The woman rammed a big sponge into the open orifice. The tea spun from her hand, liquid spilling everywhere. Kate lurched up, but the woman grabbed her wrist and twisted it all the way up her back. Suddenly Kate was bent backwards, a claw covering her sponge-stuffed mouth and lightning pain down her arm and through her chest. Her right breast burst from its halter covering and then the girl was half pushed, half-hurled toward the pantry.

The doorbell rang again.

The woman slammed Kate into the side of the doorway, jamming it between the young girl's ample breasts. She jerked Kate's arm up even higher, wedged her knee in the small of Kate's back, and yanked her head back by her mouth.