THE LIBRARY: Girl Next Door Part 6

GirlNext5An OLD SCHOOL TYLER Story.....Continued From Here

He tapped the package against her thigh. "These are for you," he said.

They were shin-high, black patent leather, four-inch-high heel shoes. But instead of a front, they had five buckled straps which made them unremoveable by any bound and gagged captive. She stood in them, feet apart, just to remain upright.

They revealed the front of her leg and foot to just over her toes, which is just as well because he had also bought her a black cotton lycra "cut-out" minidress with three inch-wide horizontal straps holding the front together from the top of her tits to her navel.

Kate was stunningly sexy in the outfit, made complete by black electrical tape covering her face from ear to ear and nostril to neck, as well as from elbows to palms.

The living room blinds were closed now and the lights were on as he fucked her against the wall, standing. He had already pulled her tits together and wedged them between straps while pulling the skirt up to mid thigh so his cock had clear sailing to her soft, warm, tight, caressing cunt. He grunted with each thrust as she moaned, squealed, and sobbed.

He finally came up in her again, gripping her by her hair and left tit as she squeezed her eyes shut and cringed. Only then did he lead her slowly back over to the couch, still by her hair and tit, and sat her down.

He cut open her arm tape, then quickly handcuffed her. Just as quickly he moved his torso between her arms again and sat her on his lap. With a remote control, he turned on the television. He turned off the lights. As the tube flickered over their bodies, the straps were cut one by one. Her chest heaved free. He impaled her cunt on his cock and gripped her breasts like pulpy basketballs as Kate cried out in agony.

He fucked her that way all during "must see TV," only spending the last hour laying her down on her side on the couch, spooning her, his lips and tongue nibbling and flicking her neck and ear, as she stared dull-eyed, lips sealed, at emergency room operations.


Kate's days were of a type. Raped at least four times in a twenty-four hour period, she usually awoke bound and gagged and in his awful arms and penetrated. She was usually fucked then in bed, under him, before she was enemaed and washed. Occasionally he would seat her facing him on his hard-on at the breakfast table before securing her in the cellar.

She would be wedged between two metal uprights, his ass cheeks on either side of one, and her big breasts on either side of another. Her nipples would be affixed together to wrap around the facing upright while her mouth was filled with a pear-shaped gag attached to the pole in front of her face which strapped behind her head.

Her wrists and elbows would be tied around the pole behind her, but that was far from the worst of it. No matter what he had her wearing (velour catsuit, velvet minidress, bustier and vinyl cheerleader skirt, merry widow corset and thigh-high boots), her feet were always affixed in heels and her cunt was always vulnerable to an impaling pole.

Her ankles were strapped to either side of the pole base and often he would rope or strap her hip bones to a hook in front and back of the cock-topped rod. She stayed there until he came home for lunch.

Then he would either rape her, masterbate on her, or fuck her up the ass before returning to work. At night, of course, all bets were off, but usually he would just clean her again, dress her in another sexy outfit from her closet or from mail order catalogs, and play with her in front of the tube.

Fuck her either up the ass or down the cunt; on her back or on her stomach on the ottoman...rape her on his lap either facing him or facing the television. Diddle her cunt and tits with his hands or feet. Suckle on her. Use ice or cream or honey on her. Or, finally, torment her with electric dildoes until she repeatedly came.

"It's very simple," he once told her. "I'll do this until you get away. That's how it works. You get away, it stops. You don't get away, you're fucked...and fucked...and fucked...and fucked...'til death do us part....!"