THE LIBRARY: Girl Next Door Part 5

GirlNext4An OLD SCHOOL TYLER Story.....Continued From Here

Kate heard only the roar in her ears as suddenly she was lying atop him, her air completely cut off by a fuzz ball in her mouth, entirely filling her aural cavity. Her lips were sealed by flesh, and her nostrils pinched closed. She heaved her torso up once, twice, three times, her breasts leaping in the laces, but always landed back on his body. She could feel his hard-on through his pants, ramming against her ass.

Then, finally, she heard his words in her ear. "There, Katey, that's what you do. It's your job to alert the street. It's my job to stop you. If you win, you get away. But if I're fucked."

Kate heaved her body up again, despite the lack of air, and finally he released her nose. She fell back on him, gasping for air, her chest rising in and out of her sight, her breasts filling, then bulging out of the laces. He let go of her legs and even took his hand off her mouth.

"Your turn," he teased. She tried to get her hands up, but the ropes made her hug him to her behind. Her head went back, trying to dislodge the huge nerf ball with her tongue, but her teeth imprisoned it.

She almost got a muffled scream out when his hand was back, pressing her head against his shoulder; and his legs scissored her flailing gams. Suddenly his free fingers shut her nose once more and all she could do was stare down at her frozen torso, the skirt bunched at her hips, seeing the swath of smooth skin between her crotch and the lace-topped thigh highs.

Then returned the roar of suffocation. But even it couldn't drown out his hated words. "You're going to have to do better than that. Try again."

This time he let her get her feet under her onto the sofa, but all that did was jam her arms back tighter under his. This time she arched her back so high the neighborhood kids could have seen the very top of her tits and the revealed mound of her snatch at the very bottom of the window...if they had been looking.

And this time she found the couch pillow between his head and shoulder, but all she could do was get the nerf ball half out, gasping, her nostrils flairing, before he very calmly, very deftly, pressed it back home with one, then two, then finally three fingers...before all five fingers sealed it there.

Kate collapsed upon him again with a despairing groan. Leaving her quivering nostrils alone, he slid his right hand under her dress' neckline and filled his fingers with her bulging, straining breast. "Ah, Kate," he sighed. "Aw,'re fucked."

She squealed as he rolled her over onto the floor, quickly slid out from between her arms, and then lifted her back to the cushions by her mouth and left tit. He let her see the oblivious kids playing one last time before he pushed her down under him.

Had any of the kids or their parents been looking, they would have clearly seen a lovely young lady's head, with a stylishly short haircut, go by. They might have even seen that her mouth was open. But what they wouldn't have seen was how he pushed her head down by her working lips, how he jammed his hips between her spread legs (pinioning one between him and the couch back), how he took a second to rip open her dress front, how he plunged his hands into her tits, how he sealed her mouth with his own, and how he plowed open her vaginal lips with a thundering log.

Kate jerked up into his fingers and lips as he impaled her, her lower cavity as crammed as her mouth. He continued to fuck her, her right leg shuddering on the floor, her pink high heel jerking in the thick carpet nap, until he noticed the approaching FedEx truck.

So he finished signing for the package and returned the pen to the driver with a smile. "Thanks alot," he said, taking the box.

"No problem, sir," said the delivery man on the porch. "Have a nice day."

He closed the door and turned back to the living room. It was empty, save for two pale pink high heels which lay on the far side of the couch...and a small acetate spandex knit dress which lay bunched between sofa cushions.

He noted the package's return address was from a fashion company in Florida, then went to the living room closet. He opened the door and looked at Kate's feet. They were hanging upside-down from the specially installed cross-bar six feet off the floor.

He let his eyes wander down her extraordinary length, savoring the smooth, warm skin, the amazing curves, the sexy shapes, the lace-topped thigh highs, the creamy, cum-flecked swash of furry auburn, the big, hanging tits which threatened her fine chin, and the dark, blood-filled face.

The nerf softball was still stuffed in her mouth, but her lower face was sealed with tape before foot after foot of ace bandage was wound around her lower head. A thick elastic band wound around the top of her neck, away from her adam's apple, and was stapled to the floor to keep her from swinging. The tip of her hair just touched the wooden planking.