THE LIBRARY: Girl Next Door Part 3

GirlNext3An OLD SCHOOL TYLER Story.....Continued From Here

He punished her for the first fuck. Nipple clamps with a two inch wire between them were attached to her aching mounds so they were squished together. A nine inch vibrating dildo and a butt plug was tighty strapped into her cunt and anus.

Then her tightest shiny spandex u-necked t-shirt and leggings—ones she only wore under other clothes—were forced on her body, after which her wrists were crossed and tied behind her while her ankles were crossed, tied and bent up into a cruel hog-tie with her wrists.

Only then did he lay her on her side, plop his cock into her cold fingers and instruct her to masterbate him.

One twang on her abused nipple wire convinced her to follow orders. He suckled on her ear and neck while squeezing her clamped tit while she stroked and sobbed. "Don't you know what you're for?" he whispered, stroking and squeezing, between slobbers. "I've seen you all this time, standing proud, back straight, chest out, your magnificent mane swinging over your tight ass, your bright green eyes shining with pride at your youth and beauty.

"But only look, no touch. You didn't even jack off. All that magnificence, all that ripe sexuality...going to waste. Oh no, we couldn't have that. That's not what it's for. This is what it's for." He plunged his tongue deep in her ear and held her tighter. "Keep stroking or suffer."

She reddened in shame and shuddered in horror, but her fingers and palms kept moving...for seemingly hours...until she lost consciousness.

She awoke to find his cock rammed between her tits. The nipple clips were still on, but she was on her back. She jerked, trying to get up to throw him off, but a buzz saw seemed to go through her body from between her legs to her chest.

He had retied her legs—they were bent double, ankles tied to thighs. They flopped open, making her an inverted "T." He had also retied her hands: together, in front of her, her arms bunching her breasts even more, her wrapped wrists attached to a thick, coarse rope that was sunk deep into her cunt crack.

Kate screamed uselessly, the rope sawing into her girlhood, as he simply continued to sit on her wonderfully flat stomach, ramming his cock through the mammaried valley of her luscious boobs. Kate kept screaming and shaking her head until he let out a low roar and cum splashed all over her face.

The young, natural, succulent beauty lost consciousness again.

She found herself curled up naked in a shower stall, cum covering her jaw, chin, and chest. Tight, thin ropes held her crossed wrists behind her at her waist. More rope was tightened around her ankles, and some sort of plug was in her mouth, held there by plastic straps. She was amazed to find herself unblindfolded.

Her eyes widened, seeing the redness in her cleavage canyon. Her subconscious reminded her of the sensation in her sleep. She had suffered a massive, multiple tit-fuck. The result covered her upper torso and was flecked in what remained of her hair. She started to wail, but then the water came on.