A “Lost” Damsel Tale {Continued From Here}

Eve was back in the cellar, now dressed in a plum-colored demi-cup bra which revealed her aureoles and nipples, and a matching, crotchless, embroidered mesh panty. Her arms were cuffed again, as were her legs, but a new wrinkle had been added: nipple and labia lip clamps affixed to the ceiling and support beams.

He had fucked her again when initially returning from his wards’ house—untying her from the closet bar, and lying her comatose form on the couch. Then it was feeding, cleaning, and emptying time before down she went again.

The man across the street looked up in surprise as he heard Thad's car drive by. He was so intent on fucking Eve, having just come home early from work, that he hadn't noticed the siblings carrying two duffel bags from the side door, bundling into their auto, and driving away.

He looked down at the ravaged beauty beneath him. She stared up dully, her once bright eyes overcast, the lower half of her face obscured by a thickly layered panel of red duct tape. On her torso was a shape-molding fire-engine red polyurethane tank-top, on her legs were red thigh-highs, and on her feet four-inch red high heels. Her wrists were bound behind her with red tape as well. Her legs were otherwise unencumbered, however, since he was taking advantage of their dead weight status. After all, they had been shackled downstairs for about four hours.

"I wonder where they're going?" he mused, his cock all the way up in Eve's cunt. Then he shrugged and leaned back down to bite at a quivering breast.


There was a knock on the man's door. Kate’s stalker pushed himself off the couch in shock. Eve, too, reacted as if he had hit her with a cattle prod. Her head went all the way back to look at the front door upside down.

"Sir?" came a strong, level voice. "It's the police. Open up, please."


The kids were gone when the police car pulled in to the innocuous suburban house. This time a gray-haired man came out to greet the visitor. The bearded man, it seemed, was busy "processing."

"Good evening, officer," the grey-haired man said affably.

"Evening, sir," said the cop. "Got one for you."

The grey haired man smiled. "I was hoping you'd say that. Let's see what you've got."

The cop opened the rear door of his patrol car, reached in, and pulled Eve out by her naked arm. She had to struggle to get an instep-strapped five-inch high heel (with another strap that wound almost all the way up her calf) solidly on the cement floor. Then she was standing beside the car, wearing a daring, deep-V-necked, front and back lace-up, eyeletted, nylon/spandex micromini halter dress with a contoured body that adhered to every pore.

Her wrists were shackled behind her, with handcuffs that usually only felons wore when sent to prison. That allusion, however, was fitting in this garage. And tied in her mouth diagonally, was a short nightstick.

Eve drooled and moaned and sobbed, her freedom nightmarishly cut short even after she was "rescued."

"She was there, like you said," the cop told the grey haired man, looking at her proudly. "Good timing, too. The town authorities were getting close. If they hadn't found the siblings at home, they would have taken their guardian by surprise, just like me."

"And he...?" the grey haired man asked carefully.

"Gone," was all the cop said. Eve sucked in her breath, her breasts threatening to pop out of the v-neck or spill out the eyelets lining the bodice.

"And her?" the grey haired man inquired, nodding at Eve.

"Pulled into the station garage. Told her I knew she was in shock. I was just going to sit by and ask her one or two questions. She was so relieved and exhausted, she just nodded." Eve started to cry in earnest, her head going back in agony. The sadistic cop grinned at the grey haired man. "But you should have seen her face when I put the baton between her teeth!"

Greyhair could just imagine it. The cop parking where he always did—far in the back of the huge garage, among the broken-down vehicles waiting for repair, the space blocked from headquarter view by a cement wall. Expertly wedging the police stick between Eve's teeth, and nimbly roping it there while she surged and struggled—the car's heavy duty shocks and rear containment area easily swallowing up anything she could do.

Then, when her hands finally started to claw back at the cop, he neatly plucked her wrists out of mid-air and cuffed them behind her. Greyhair could imagine Eve's astonished, horrified expression as he got back in the front seat, started the car, and her nightmare continued—driven out with the entire police headquarters filling her vision....

"Well," said Greyhair. "She will do...quite nicely."

"Great," said the cop, filling his eyes with this beautiful, yet somehow still sweetly innocent and totally sexy prize. He looked back at Greyhair. "Uh...can I say goodbye?"

"Why not?" Greyhair shrugged casually. "You wouldn't be the first tonight."


The cop had Eve in a chokehold, bent over the trunk of his patrol car. Her arms were handcuffed behind him, so he was effectively embraced, and his zipper was open, his cock under her dress, deep into her cunt from behind.

"You have the right to remain silent," he said, thrusting with his hips as her lovely mouth, newly lipsticked in sultry scarlet, worked, gasping.

"If you give up that right..." Thrust. "...anything you say can be used against you..." Thrust. " a court of law." Thrust. "You have the right..." Thrust. "To an attorney." Thrust. "If you give up that right..." Thrust. " will be appointed to you." Thrust.

He timed his surges perfectly, letting up on the choke-hold just enough to let her get air in, but unable to get a scream out. While he spoke, she choked. When he thrust, she gasped.

Finally: "Do you understand these rights?" Thrust, lock, pinion. Come.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Eve managed to gasp as his ejaculation erupted through her.

The cop tightened the choke-hold and shook her head. "Do you understand?!?"

Eve coughed and hacked, her breasts rubbed raw by the side of the car as her dress was pulled this way and that. "Yes!" she choked. "Yes, please, I...!"

But then his nightstick was pulled away and his hand clamped across her lips, his fingertips deep in her cheek. "Good," he seethed in her ear. "That's good. Now you must fully comprehend the long arm of the law...!"

Handcuffed in that way, Eve could only stand there, sandwiched between him and the back door of the patrol car, as she felt something horrid beneath her skirt. It wasn't a zapper this time.

It was the nightstick.

Even Greyhair could make out the word "NO!" from the other side of the cop's powerful hand as the baton was pushed deeper and deeper into her. Her head was pressed back firmly on his shoulder, her eyes and expression totally tormented as it seemed his fingers would sink into her jawbone itself.

A “Lost” Damsel Tale {Continued From Here}And finally, the perpendicular handle was between her thighs. Then he dropped out from beneath her wrapping arms, but his gun was out, pressed to the back of her head. "Keep it in!" he warned. "Keep it all the way in, or...!" He didn't have to say it. Instead, he put his other hand on her shoulder. "Now, silently, quietly, walk over there....Careful!" He pressed the gun barrel harder to the nape of her neck. "Don't let it fall out. Don't say a word. Walk!" He pointed to the grey haired man. "Over to him. You hear me? Walk...."

Eve walked. Daintily...carefully...tears streaming out of her eyes, her mouth opening and closing. Finally she was there and Greyhair spun her around, clapping his own hand over her mouth just before her body was wracked with sobs.

The cop holstered his weapon, then quickly and neatly pulled his nightstick from her crotch. As she cried hysterically, he licked one side of it. "Sweet," he said, reaching out to give her exposed breast a fondle. Only then did Greyhair drag her back into the shadows.

The cop smiled after her, savoring the memory. Then he finished licking off the nightstick. Soon the bearded man emerged with his money. The cop then left, and the garage was finally empty. The brown-orange house was quiet...with no hint to any passerby that anything was ever amiss....


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