A “Lost” Damsel Tale {Continued From Here}

They didn't have to untie her to put on her stockings, garter belts, shoes, or even her bras. They merely unclipped the shoulder straps and reclipped them once the cups were affixed. They dressed her in black lace ensemble at first -- her wonderfully creamy skin making a great contrast to the second-skin material which adhered to her firm flesh.

The heavy metal had made way to alternative grunge—unkempt, unshaven louts in loose, ripped, dirty clothes screaming incoherently to screeching guitar chords. Wilma slept curled in front of the tube as the man sat on the couch. He held Eve's cool, sleek back in his fingers, sliding her back and forth on his lap as she faced him—his hard-on spreading her vaginal lips and coursing inside her again and again.

Her wrists twisted in her bonds behind her, her cinched elbows thrusting her fine chest out all the more, her tits swelling in the half-cups of the black lace bra. Her ankles twisted in the four-inch black heels as well as in the ropes which affixed them to her thighs; her leg muscles shifting beneath the thigh-high, lace-topped black stockings.

A big black ball was in her mouth, wedging open her teeth, and her lower face was covered in black electrical tape. Her eyes were wide and golden, glittering in the TV light, as she gagged and snorted with each piston-like movement.

"You know why you're here, don't you?" the man suddenly whispered, moving her onto his hard-on once more. "You probably don't know it, but you were born for this moment." He slid her cunt off his cock. "Really, don't you know why you look like that?" He pulled her toward him, her thighs sliding against his, his penis spreading her lower lips yet another time.

"Why do you buy and wear these clothes?" he asked her, pressing her tits to his chest, his hands flat on her shivering back. "Because you think they look nice?" She moaned as their hips locked, his prick all the way inside her. "No, it's because you know...deep down inside, you know." He pushed her back with her hips and side. He admired her excellent torso and strong, high, tear-drop boobs.

"You were made to attract men," he said, slipping her forward again, his cock entering her. "The clothes make you more attractive. And why must you be attractive?" He jammed himself deep into her, holding her tight ass in both hands. "For this." he concluded. "For this," he repeated, thrusting again. "For this." Another thrust. "For this, this, this, this, this, this, this...!"

Eve's tits jiggled, her head went back, her lustrous hair swung, and she couldn't even get the air to grunt. He embraced her in a bear hug, his face deep in her cleavage, their crotches intertwined, as his member pumped white cream into her vaginal canal once again.

Eve's head fell forward and then back, moaning through the gag as she was violated...ending with a strange groan that even had a little hope in it. They had raped her repeatedly, but at least it was over for now...wasn’t it?

Eve's eyes bulged, her neck straightening as the man started to swing her down.

Wilma slept on as the man put Eve under him on the couch, covered her with his body, and rammed his erection deep into her until he gushed semen in her hole once more.


Eve's eyes snapped open. The red teddi's thong had crept into her crack. This time it was deeply buried between her cunt lips, held there in the teen's fist. Wilma's head was resting on her chest, drooling on her tit in her sleep. Wilma’s right leg was crossed over one of Eve’s as she lay on her back.

The man was on the other side of her, his snoring mouth by her ear, his left hand filled with her left breast. Her left leg was between the two of his. His cock rested on her thigh. Her left big toe was tied to the man's. Her right big toe was tied to the tween's.

The ball was still in her mouth. Tape was still over it, but one of her stockings had been tied over that. She lay—a shapely, wide-eyed, armless, mouthless girl in a super sexy red teddi—between her two despoilers, unable to scream, fight, or run. Tears began to stream out of her eyes and her body began to silently shake.

The man smiled in his sleep, his grip on her tit tightening....


"Nothing could be finer than to be in Eve's vagina in the morning...."

He was singing in the shower.

"Nothing could be sweeter than fucking Eve's wet beaver in the morning...."

The phone by the mattress rang but the girl and her two rapists didn't hear it.

"If I had a chance for only a day...."

The phone answering machine clicked on.

"I'd make a wish and here's what I'd say...."

"Eve? This is Jan at work. Where are you, girl?"

The sweet, shapely girl was in the tub, naked, legs bent and off the marble. The man was holding her by her hips, and his fetid firm cock sliding in and out of her cunt again and again as the shower water coursed over them.

"You sick or something? If you aren't dying, you better get in here...."

Wilma was standing amid her arms, Eve’s bound wrists behind the tween girl. She held Eve up by one tit, her other hand clamped tightly over Eve’s washcloth-filled mouth, her fingertips deep in Eve’s face cheek.

"Okay, Eve. I sure hope you're on your way in. 'Bye."

"....Nothing could be finer than fucking Eve's vagina in the morn-orn-ning!"

Her curves stiffened, her head going back, her legs straightening, as he came in her for the second time that morning. He had fucked her in bed immediately upon waking, of course, tearing the red teddi mostly off, keeping their toes tied, and gathering her hip bones in his hands.

She had screamed into her gag up at Wilma but the tween merely grinned cruelly down at her sweating, desperate face. Then each captor had grabbed one of Eve’s arms and dragged her to the bathroom.

Now she collapsed back into Wilma's arms, her hands buried in Eve’s fine chest mounds. The man stepped out of the shower to dry off as Wilma sat the naked Eve on her lap. They sat with the water still coursing over them, the washcloth tip bulging out of Eve’s filled mouth.

"Keep it in," Wilma told her threateningly. "Keep the washcloth in your mouth...or we'll put something else in there...!"

Eve choked and gagged, trying not to swallow the swash of terrycloth...but trying not to spit it out either. Wilma, for her part, simply kept kneading Eve’s wonderful breasts.

Suddenly the shower curtain was swept back and the fully clothed man was standing there. The two on the tub floor looked up; Wilma in surprise, Eve in pained dread. "Her office called," the man reported. "Time to get out of town."

Eve fought desperately against the strangulation.

They had dressed her in one of her sexiest outfits—a black lace micro-minidress with a v-necked bodice which gathered up her wonderful tits and thrust them forward. On her feet were five-inch, ankle strap high heels. Other than that, she was naked, and, incredibly, untied.

But as Wilma held her wrenched-up arms high on her back, the man held one hand over her panty-stuffed mouth, and squeezed her throat with the other...while impaling her in place before him with his cock all the way in her lubricated cunt.

Eve's beautiful eyes bulged as the panties stuffing her cheeks cut off even more air. Her patent-leather enclosed toes scratched at the wooden floor, but with the wiry teen’s hands and the man's cock holding her up, she could attain no balance. The man tightened his hold on her throat, and then loosened it, as her nostrils flared and her eyelids began to flutter.

"She has no suitcase big enough, and we didn't bring a duffel bag," the man said, watching Eve's eyes roll up into her head. "So we're going to have to take her out openly." He looked at the teen girl as Eve began to slump. "So she can't have the strength to fight." Suddenly the girl became dead weight between them. "Quick...get her onto the table."

The man and teen lay the sexy girl on her back across her own little wood table as each took a wrist in their hands. "Sodden the panties with your cum," the man instructed Wilma as Eve's head lolled down toward the tween, swipes of multi-colored lace and cotton seen between her teeth. "Then seal her lips with the clear tape."

The two worked Eve’s orifices for the next ten minutes, the man pumping his jism deep inside the young girl's mouth and the tween stimulating her clit with her fingers and tongue. Finally Wilma pressed a rectangular band of clear tape, smooshing down Eve's rich lips, and working the edges deep into her face skin.

The man brought the groggy girl up into his arms, feeling her youth and savoring her helpless beauty. "Okay now, darling," he said with barely repressed delight to the drooping eyelids and sweet, lax face. "Time to go home."


Eve placed one high heel unsteadily on the stoop outside her apartment. She managed one desperate, wide-eyed look either way down the nearly empty, late-afternoon street before arms encircled her and she was lifted.

Two steps down the steps, two across the sidewalk...the maw of the idling van at the curb was open. She felt herself being lifted in...and then her body hit the mattress. She heard the door slide closed behind her with a solid, awful thump.

And then it was too late.

Eve stretched her amazing body in agony. Her lovely legs, encased in black thigh-highs were completely revealed beneath the hem of the olive raincoat cinched around her waist. Her head, with its lovely hair, craned out on her elegant neck from the turned-up collar.

She screamed up at the darkened windows of the van, but the clear swash of tape smooshing her red lips sealed in her anguished, agonizing cry of defilement and terror.

The man jumped behind the wheel as Wilma admired the way Eve's breasts pressed against the stretched raincoat. As the van started rolling out into traffic, she reached down and started pulling the raincoat's cinched belt loose.

"Don't distract me," the driver warned. "I don't care what you do, but don't let her attract attention, effect the trip, or kick the van sides. You hear me?" Then, when there was no reply: "You hear me!?"

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you!" Wilma called, but she didn't take his eyes off Eve as she pulled the cinched raincoat aside. The teen stared at the lovely spaghetti-strapped, flirty miniskirted, faintly spangly cocktail dress which seemed to streamline all of Eve's curves, letting her breasts flounce free inside a filmy, satiny, loosely v-necked bodice. Her wrists were bound behind her, then bound again to her tiny waist.

She stretched, moaned agonizingly again, then started to kick. Wilma fell on her.

Wilma was as good as her word. As the man drove up to the first toll to leave the city, Eve was not kicking the van's sides. She couldn't without lifting all 100 pounds of the tween. Wilma had crossed her shapely ankles, tied them, then tied them again to the back of the tween’s belt. She now lay between Eve’s bent knees, the tween’s hand gripping Eve’s right breast, her other hand over Eve’s taped mouth, and the strap-on plastic cock plugged into Eve’s silken snatch.

Wilma just lay there, letting the potholes of the streets do all the work for her.

Eve moaned in amazement and despair, praying the tween would soon tire of the position, but, even as her raised legs tingled and her bound arms beneath her back became dead weight, Wilma continued to knead her chest and plug her crack. Eventually the driver discovered the position and had to laugh.

He had parked in the lot of a rest stop—cars and trucks on every side of them. "Incredible, Wilma," he admired, his eyes shining at the swath of creamy flesh between the top of Eve's stocking and her exposed hips. "You sure know how to contain 'em." But then he dropped a ten dollar bill and jerked his head at the fast food restaurant outside. "Now go get some dinner for yourself, okay?"

Wilma looked from the girl to the money. "Oh, okay. Untie me," she said quietly as Eve's body began to wrack with sobs.

Wilma had a great supper, and took her time about it. Ten bucks went a long way in a fast food place. Between chewing the burger and sucking on the shake, she glanced out at the van. Her eyelids narrowed. Was it shaking? Was it rocking? Or was that just her imagination? Wilma shrugged. None of the travelers who constantly moved around it seemed to notice, so why should she care?

Inside, the man let his cock move slowly up Eve's cunt again. "Can't have the joint jumping," he grunted, holding onto her hips tightly under the dress skirt. He suckled on her right tit, the spaghetti strap of the dress lying about her elbow, as he slowly moved her up off his lap once more.

He was sitting on the van floor, directly in the center, and he had tied her ankles to her thighs, then sat her on his lap, facing him. Her gag was supplemented, of course. Even with padding and opaque windows, a high-pitched shriek might have been heard.

So her head was all the way back, her hair tightly tied to her cinched elbows by thin, cruel rope. Then there was a thick strap all he way between her teeth and then tight around her neck. Behind the strap, deep in her mouth, was a baby's huggy diaper, expertly soaking up her drool and inflating inside the orifice.

She had a tough enough time breathing, let along screaming.

Then there was the coarse, tickling buzz between her legs, up inside her....

The man let her slide down onto his entire length again. He held her to him, letting her cunt caress him, welcome him, take him, and stroke him beneath the silky, spangly skirt. He admired her shapely legs in the silken stockings and the way her dainty feet perfectly filled the shiny patent leather high heels. And he loved the way her arms and wrists twisted in the ropes which imprisoned them.

"You know," he whispered, filling his hands with her wonderful tits to lift her half-off his hard-on. "I lost someone like you once...." He remembered Kate...her knockers, her shape, her mane, her classic face...spying on her, stalking her, abducting her, secreting her in his home...raping her...redressing her again and again... tormenting her...imprisoning her in the cellar...impaling her...fucking her repeatedly every night....

He loosened his grip on Eve's tits, her pried-open mouth gargling, her loving vaginal canal adhering to his entire length once more. The man suddenly gripped her spasmodically. "I won't be losing you...ever." he whispered hoarsely.

Eve didn't hear him over the roar in her ears.


Within three hours, Eve was inside the house. The man laughed and tore open her coat. Her wrists were tied to her upper thighs and her fingers taped to her legs. Eve's head went back and she screamed, but the saliva and cum-covered panties were back filling her mouth and the clear tape back sealing her lips. Her breasts shook free, the dress' bodice pulled down on either side to present them.

The man filled his hands with them now, forcing her against the cellar stairwell wall, his knee pushing against her cunt. "Welcome home, darling," he sneered as she tried to shriek and fight. "Sorry I couldn't carry you over the threshold." Then he ripped his erection from his pants, filled his hands with her ass cheeks, and rammed his cock up into her.




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