THE LIBRARY: Deaf, Dumb & Blind Date Part 5

Deaf5DEAF, DUMB & BLIND DATE Part 5 {Continued From Here}
{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

"Time to get this show on the road," I murmured. You could barely hear her gagged screams in the bedroom, but it was empty. They dimly filled the hall, kitchen, and living room, but they, too, were unoccupied. You could hear her moan along the back stairs but there was no one there to listen. The house was empty. We were in the garage. She lay on the back seat of her own SUV, her elbows and wrists tied behind her with rope and tape, her mouth pried open with a big ring gag forced behind her perfect teeth. I was just finishing tying her ankles to her upper thighs. She wore only a strapless bustier which shoved her glorious boobs practically up to her clavicles, and a matching microminiskirt which held onto her smooth, shapely hips for dear life not a centimeter above the top of her beaver and not a millimeter below. The high heel granny boots remained on her feet because I liked them.

My penis was in my hand. My other hand was in her hair. "This is how it's going to go," I said, shoving my prick between her yanked open lips. I forced her mouth up and down on my shaft with both hands as I continued. "I'm going to cum coat you," I gasped, feeling the warm wetness. "For three reasons. First, you deserve to be cum coated. Second, it should be your natural state. And three, because you're so fucking luscious!"

I came into her face and hair. She moaned, gargling, then choked in surprise as I rammed my log right back in. She gagged, spluttering, as I used her head again like my own masturbating hand. "Why here?" I grunted, luxuriating in the sweet glory of her mouth. "Because I don't want my seed all over your house for just anybody to find. I was careful the first couple of times. Now it's not about being careful...!"

I yanked my log out of her mouth and shot another wad onto her forehead and hair.

Before she could cry out again I shoved a bathtub sponge into her open maw, then stepped back and started jerking myself off.

"I want to see this," I hissed through clenched teeth, then watched as I shot a load into her navel, letting it seep down under the skirt. Then I jumped up to kneel over her head, pounding two blasts into her bustier cups as she writhed and squealed. I was just shoving the bra down as tight as I could, squishing the cum all over her orbs, when headlight beams raked the garage windows. She immediately tried to rear up, screaming. I immediately slammed my hand into her face, bearing her down to the SUV floor, wrenched the ring gag from her lips and clamped my hand over her working mouth.

My body sank onto hers, the cum squishing and sticking, as my fingers sank into her face cheeks and her lips were mashed by my palm. She tried to scream just once more, but then my forearm was on her  lovely throat.

I didn't ask her anything stupid like "Are you expecting someone?" It didn't matter if she was or wasn't. Besides, I didn't want her making a sound.

Her body began to vibrate as the air was cut off, her face  darkening, panic in her eyes.

"Simple," I whispered so quietly even I could hardly hear it. "One  minute you're alive...the next...?"

She got the message.

She stilled, rolling her eyes in bottomless sorrow.

I lessened the pressure on her throat.

She swallowed, then lay still.

I  felt her breath on the finger beneath her nostrils. I waited.

We heard a car  door slam, then the sound of footsteps walking to the front door. When I heard the doorbell ring, I smiled.

"No flashing lights," I whispered. "Not cops." Then I positioned myself.

Her look of total disbelief and complete and utter degradation was priceless. She shuddered when I entered her, her lips working. A small  groan escaped her, which I cut off with my other hand. And then I started slowly but purposefully rutting.

Her head went back slightly, her eyes closing, but that was okay. It put my gagging hand in a better position to seal her mouth. I purposely mashed her cum-covered tits with my chest as I continued to slowly fuck her...

Not fifty feet from where somebody was ringing the doorbell. "Doesn't matter, you see," I whispered, not slowing my rthymic assault. "It could be your next door neighbor, a friend passing by, a salesman,  even a Jehovah's Witness. It just shows that they didn't know you were out on a date...." I kept fucking her as the footsteps returned.

The person, whoever it  was, may have even looked in the garage window, but it still didn't matter. The garage lights were off, we were on the floor of the vehicle, and its off-road shocks were very, very good.

We heard the car door close. Then the engine came to life, the car  backed out and drove away.

Only then did she start to scream ... in frustration and defilement.

I let her...the sound wouldn't carry very far through the sponge and my  hand. Besides, the wayher back was arching, it all but rammed her hips into  mine. Besides besides, it was choked off when I came again.

She was sobbing uncontrollably when I dragged her up and started masturbating again.

She practically had the sponge out of her mouth when I rammed a specially pliant pink rubber ball in, then sealed her rich lips over it with a sheath of clear plastic tape, making sure to press it painfully into her flesh.

When I leaned back, her lips were mashed, almost covering her teeth,  with only the barest minimum of pink showing through.

"There now," I grunted, hand back on my crank, "now even your mother wouldn't know your lips are sealed...."


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