THE LIBRARY: Deaf, Dumb & Blind Date Part 3

Deaf3DEAF, DUMB & BLIND DATE Part 3 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve.
We thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Then I stopped talking and started ramming like a jackhammer, my hand squeezing her left tit like a juicing grapefruit and my mouth suckled onto the side of her neck like a leech -- her hair a cushion around my head.

By the time the phone rang she had stopped crying, stopped struggling, and stopped pleading.She was on her face now, her eyes closed, her cheek flat on the teak, her hips up, on her knees, her legs spread -- each foot now pillow-wrapped.

Her fingers were either fluttEring weakly or bunched into fists as I surged into her again from behind. The only reason her tits weren't suctioning the floor was that my hands were filled with them, yanking and squeezing as I fucked her doggy style.

Her eyes didn't even snap open at the phone call. They opened slowly, the once bright blue-green now smoky and exhausted, her throat covered in black and blue hickeys.

She made one low, soft moan before the answEring machine went to work. "Hi, this is Erin," came her calm, normal, lovely voice. "Leave your name, number, and message after the beep."

Beep. "Hi, hon," said a comfortable, casual, chipper female voice. "Look, I know you're out on your big date, but I wanted you to know that I'll be right here, waiting for the report, as late as you wanna call, okay?"

I could just imagine the caller; one of those ex-school spirit types, now into macrodiets and gym aerobics. But I was utterly gratified by her conspiratorial finish. "...Even if you can't call until tomorrow morning...! Here's hoping you lucked out! Let me know. Bye!" She giggled and hung up.

I waited until a few seconds and several slow, powerful thrusts had passed, before leaningdown to her ear and giving her tits an especially strong squeeze. "I guess you could call this getting lucky, huh? Huh, baby?"

I gripped her bulging tits like claws and jammed my cock into her like a spike.

She grunted and moaned, her eyelids fluttering. It was not like before. When I first came into her you'd think she'd been executed. She screamed until hoarse. She stiffened until every muscle seemed ready to snap. Tears poured from her eyes, mucous poured from her nose, and she was covered in sweat.

It didn't change anything. I was still on my knees, gathering up her hips, with only her feet, shoulders, and head still on the floor as I kneeled, worshipping and defiling, spraying her sugar walls.

She had collapsed, sobbing, shuddering, acting like it was finally over. But when I disengaged and immediately turned her, she seemed to go into shock. By then she knew she couldn't get her hands free. She knew she couldn't scream no matter how much she drooled or sweated.

The tape would ooze streams of gray glue down her chin, but it would not come off. It didn't matter. I didn't care what she did. My job was not to make her join in. My job was to show her what a mistake it was to try divorcing her husband. I leaned down her wonderful back, kneading her tits like udders and plugging her again with a thrust of my hips.

"So I guess that means we've got all night, right, babydoll?" That did it. She tried to drop onto her smooth, flat stomach. She tried to screech out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

She tried to writhe away, twisting like a bird with its wings clipped. I just dragged her back by her tits, ramming my cock deep inside her like a skewer. "Yeah baby," I cooed. "All night...."

I came in her a second time, crushing her to me, reveling in the youth, firmness, creaminess of her body, and the volume of her extraordinary orbs as she moaned in agony through the stubbornly sticky gag.

"Now come on, babe," I said, gulping breath. "Time for phase two...." Before she could react I dropped her. She thudded to the floor like a marlin on a dock, with a solid thunk and reactive cringe. I immediately turned her over onto her back -- once more enjoying the way her glorious mams spread across her upper chest -- and clicked a thin steel-enforced leather leash onto the collar.

…With a strong pull, I dragged her off the floor, kicking at her shins until she stumbled upright, staring at me in pain and disbelief. Her whoppers hung down like punching bags on her smooth, creamy chest, and I couldn't help but raise my eyebrows in respect.

"Now we're going to have to do something about that," I clucked, and almost as soon as I finished saying it, I had brutally cinched her elbows together behind her with a tan, buckled strap. Her chest instantly thrust up as if saluting, while she made a little mewing sound.

I immediately stepped back to admire the change. "Amazing tits?" I breathed. "Astonishing tits!" I corrected. I then did the same for her knees. "Now let's go," I said, pulling her toward me and the hallway beyond.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go...." Much to my delight, she followed. Not willingly, but she didn't start kicking and screaming and running around either.

It was very safe to say she was in shock -- the kind of shock a sheltered, pampered girl went into when faced with her own voluptuousness... and what it represented. But that was the problem all along, apparently. This one liked to be appreciated, complimented, even worshipped... but as a work of art, not as a human who got all sweaty and soiled.

You could tell that was so from the top of her magnificently thick, lustrous red mane to the tip of her manicured, painted toe. But now she was bound, gagged, collared, nearly naked and twice fucked. Still luminous, but the innocent certainty of how her life would be was a trifle shaken to say the least.

And then we were in the bedroom, her standing uncertainly behind me, her breaths coming in gasps -- her voluminous boobs either quivering or quaking with big dramatic breaths. we both stared at the overwhelming girlishness of the place. Canopied bed off to the right. Big walk-in closet to the left. Pink vanity mirror and makeup table directly ahead. Little decorating touches everywhere.


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