THE LIBRARY: Deaf, Dumb & Blind Date Part 2

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 1.08.39 PMDEAF, DUMB & BLIND DATE Part 2 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve.
We thank them for letting us share it with you here}


Then I grabbed one of her soft, strong wrists, savoring the girlish nails painted a feminine lavender.  Without preamble I rolled her onto her front, letting her breasts squish where they may.

She gave out a muffled bleat of surprise, then her left wrist was dragged to her right elbow and taped there. Grabbing her right wrist, I did the same to her left elbow and forearm, then anchored both further with wickedly tightened plastic pull-ties.  Then she was over onto her back again, her tits shaking like dancing balls of liquid mercury.  I thought my cock would erupt from my pants like the chestburster in that scifi horror flick.  But I managed to hold on long enough to tape and pull-tie her knees before grabbing two pillows from the nearby couch.

My breath coming raggedly, my movements going faster and faster, I tape-wrapped one cushion around her feet. I quickly placed the other pillow under her head before practically leaping into the saddle made by her waist and tits. I looked deep into her horrified, uncomprehending eyes as I clawed at my zipper.

"That easy," I choked out huskily. "That simple, that fast. One minute you're a beautiful young girl...." I glanced at her voluminous chest. "Young woman," I corrected, "with your whole life before you. The next...?" I plopped my erection onto her jiggling tits. "Fuck meat."

Erin's scream was cut off by my slapping the sides of her big boobs, literally smothEring my cock in her mammary valley. They swallowed my prick up, drowning it in glorious adipose tissue.

And for the next ten minutes we were locked together there, me hunched over her face, furiously slamming my meat between her crushed-together boobs, her writhing in agony and despair, trying to scream, trying to escape, trying to fight -- all hopelessly, her chest heaving, her back arching, her fingers reaching spasmodically.

She kicked, the pillow deadening the sound. She desperately begged me not to despoil her, the gag liquefying the words (but not her pleading expressions).

She sobbed, she shook her head no, she contorted beneath me, the effects of the zapper wearing off.

But it was all in vain. When my cock started throbbing and getting dark, she was still there, her arms tied behind her in the small of her back, her mouth still sealed around a ball with insulating tape that seemed sewn there, her dress was still half off her, her bra still bunched beneath her bulging sex-balloons, and her increasingly heavier legs still muffled by the pillow taped around her boots.

Her excruciatingly lovely face looked up at me with fear and pleading, her eyes filled with tears, just before I erupted. Her head fell back as if shot ... which, in a very real way, she was.

The cum splurged forward, as if from a whipped cream canister, splattEring across the gag, into her right nostril, and on up across her right eye.

She screamed in utter anguish, the gag and collar choking it off into a long, drowning groan, her head sinking into the pillow, her eyes squeezed shut, her face turning. A stream of cum slowly dripped into the fan of her lustrous dark red hair.

I sat, breathing heavily over her, for a few seconds, before even I was able to get my wits about me.

"Great tits?" I echoed huskily. "Amazing tits!" I looked down at her splendor, while she tried to pretend none of it was happening. "But hey," I said. "You ain't felt nothing yet."

And with no other warning, I hopped down to start pulling at her dress, leggings, and knee bondage. What a sweetie ... below her leggings was a French-cut blue-lace panty which matched the bra. Now she didn't have to do that, but in her attempt to double layer, she just made her stripping all the more exciting.... No matter how she squealed, moaned, shook and sobbed, the dress was soon in a puddle on the floor near the sofa and both her leggings and panty were bunched down at her still bound, still pillow-muffled feet.

Now there was nearly all her glory revealed, her soft, dark red, trimmed cunt hair, her sleek, smooth, firm hips, and her long, shapely legs. But I hardly had time to appreciate them before I was wedged between her freed knees and ramming my cock crown against her vaginal lips. Erin reacted to type; surging up in disbelief, eyes wide, and starting to beg again.

"What did you think?" I grunted, wrapping my arms around her hips, gripping her hip bones and guiding her onto me.  "I'd stop at your fucking tits?" Then I nailed her. Her upper body reacted like a sail flailing in the wind. Her cushioned feet thudded onto the floor again and again. But her loins were locked to mine, my cock corking her, filling her, impaling her. Warm, tight, wet despite herself, our hips remained locked as if born Siamese. I practically didn't have to thrust; the muscles of her rarely used vagina and the need of my member practically didn't need us.

I was able to drop down, cupping her shoulder, gripping her hair and slobbEring onto her tit.

Only once did I look up, deep into her big disbelieving, tortured eyes above her sealed mouth. "It's like knowing yourself for the first time, right?" I whispered hoarsely.

"I bet, all these years, you were wondEring why that face, this body, that hair, huh? Why you, right? Well, now you know."




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