THE LIBRARY: Ave De Rapina Part Two

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK - We thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Her fingers clawed at his forearm, causing him to drop his hand from her chest to reclamp her waist. Her hands sprung off his arm to swing in the empty air. Her chest seemed to fill his vision as he rooted himself against the fridge. His eyes rose for a split second, seeing them both in the kitchen window's reflection above the sink.

Incredible: this beautiful young woman writhing against this dark, coiled steel shape, her silky hair flying, her tits bulging, her radiant face lost under a thick pad which adhered to her like a pulsing squid. It was like a slasher movie without the knife, only much much better.

He felt her writhe in his grip. He felt her back rub his chest. He felt her perfect, small, round, hard ass cheeks rub his groin. He felt himself getting hard.

He felt her surge in his grip, fighting the hold he had on her. He felt her scream into the pad as much as heard her. The thick cloth covered and closed her mouth. He felt it vibrate as she screamed and screamed and screamed in pain, shock, and fear.

A car went by outside. From the road the house was totally silent. Even inside the kitchen he could hardly hear her above the radio.

He didn't see her expression because the pad covered it. It blinded and gagged her. It gripped her as much as he did. The aromatic, clinging odor seared to her face and coated the inside of her nostrils, mouth and throat. Already he felt her weakening. Already he felt her tight muscles start to slacken. Already he felt her long, slim, shapely legs, slow her kicks. The thump of her shoes on the tile grew quieter and quieter.

He felt her sag.

He immediately pulled the pulpy cloth from her face, letting her double over, his arm, her silky hair falling down around her face and toward the floor. He swung her over to the kitchen table and dropped her on a chair, making sure she didn't slide off as her head went back. Her mouth was open and her eyes closed.

He took a step toward the counter and tossed the pulpy pad into the sink. He grabbed the leather bag where he had left it by the back door. She half sat, half lay where he left her. He dug through the bag as he approached her, finding the tongue-gag -- a small, hard, iron rectangle with thin shoelace-like leather straps coming off either side.

He stood over her and nimbly shoved the iron rectangle deep into her mouth. It slid down her tongue until it wedged in her cheeks. Then, with her head lolling back and the laces coming out exactly where her lips ended on either side, he brutally tightened the nearly concealed gag around her head, the laces sinking into her honeyed skin.

Her heard the welcome sounds of gurgling even as he grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her. He taped them there, then pull-tied them, then taped them again. He pushed them against her waist, then, with another thin strap, belted them deep into her flesh. Only then did he look up at her -- really look at her.

He could only stand it for a second. He lurched up and swiped the wall's light switch. Suddenly the room was plunged into moonlight, but he could still see her glorious skin and white t-shirt. The only sound was the drool collecting in her cunningly invaded mouth. He staggered back to her, immediately wrenching down her right sleeve to completely reveal her bra, then fumbled for her jeans button and zipper.

Within seconds, her panties were partially revealed, as was her glorious hip and flank. Unable to control himself any longer, he kneeled beside her, grabbed her head like a lover's with one hand while the other snaked and clawed into her shirt and left bra cup. At the moment her magnificent tit filled his palm, he fastened his mouth on hers ands started suckling.

All that time, all the planning, knowing what he was going to do, knowing what was going to happen exploded in his brain as his hands spasmodically gripped and his mouth sucked and licked. His body was totally tensed, hers relaxed, and although the music still swallowed the sounds of his assault, it was still obvious that something very ugly was happening to someone very beautiful.

Anne's eyes began to move beneath her lids as he continued slobbering and molesting. Then her lids began to flutter. Her brow furrowed, then her eyes sprang open. The sound her gagged mouth made was like water being sucked into a trash disposal. Her legs spasmed, trying to vault her out of the chair, but she hummed in place, his hands gripping her head and chest as if trying to push her back into a womb.