THE ATTIC: The Golden Age Of Gagged Girls Part 1

Cover1In comics's Golden Age, once the readers were getting a little bored with super heroes. publishers tried different directions. Fiction House was one of the most successful comic companies of the 40's, with regular action titles like JUMBO, RANGERS and FIGHT COMICS. While at first glance, these books were filled with dashing spies and action heroes, it didn't take long to figure out that the creators knew their male audiences loved girls, girls, girls and especially when they were in peril. Many of the covers to FIGHT, for example, featured girls tied tight (but hardly any gags) in scenes that did NOT appear inside the book. But there was plenty of bondage there.

In FIGHT, there was a regular feature called SENORITA RIO. The main character was a Hollywood actress turned spy, drawn to look a lot like Ava Gardner with a dash of Rita Hayworth tossed in.

Here are just a few of her perdiciments, all with gags of course:

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