THE ATTIC: Revisiting Robert Bishop

Bob Bishop was, without doubt, an exceptional airbrush artist. In fact, I first met him as the result of a fan letter when his work appeared in Hustler magazine. Soon we became friends, and, once I saw the workload he had created for himself at H.O.M., the pioneer bdsm media company, I offered to help. But beyond our work together, I was, first and forever, a fan.

Before Bish, bdsm art was a sexually repressed world of tightly tied adventures, with a "fate worse than death" always threatened, but never consummated. Bish changed all that, with masterful artistic skill and storytelling artistry. Here is just the start of what I want to share, maybe introducing his work to a whole new generation, and either cementing, or paving the way to, having his name mentioned in the same breath as John Willie. Enjoy!?

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