THE ATTIC: I Had To Be Gagged

cjgag23{This is the first in an ongoing series of great bondage photo stories, posted here thanks to the kindness of my old friend, Bindher! Enjoy....}

This was like a bad greek play - except I had the sinking feeling that the ending was going to be really bad, for me. My boyfriend, Ken, had been playing poker weekly with a few guys he met at the gym. Ken did it just for fun, but these guys were pretty intense about it. Tonite, he invited them to our apartment and about an hour into the game, things went bad. I was in the bedroom but I heard the shouting. Someone accused someone else of cheating, shoving started and then the fight started. I came out to see Ken laying on the floor, his head bleeding. I screamed and two of the men grabbed me, holding my mouth closed and my hands at my sides so I couldn't fight. The third guy went to the kitchen & came back with a huge knife. I stropped fighting and let them take me in the bedroom.
They said they just needed time to think and I wouldn't be hurt. The knife guy cut the cords from my window shade and started tying my hands together behind my back.

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By the time he was finished, the others came in with more cord I guess they found in our basement. They descended on my tying me tightly to a chair. Still, I didn't fight them but I did plead with them to please get Ken to a doctor. The knife guy ignored me and told his buddies to go find something to "shut me up". Between the bathroom & the kitchen, they found plenty. By now I was crying, and I couldn't stop. I knew I was going to be gagged and that crying with your mouth covered is bad, but that didn't help me control. The job of my gag fell to the smaller of the three, and he approached with a hand full of things I knew soon would make me more miserable.
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A strip of sports tape was placed between my teeth, them the front of my mouth was filled with a sponge. He kneaded it in past my lips, the squeezed my jaw shut. Next, an Ace Wrap was wound tight around my face sealed the gag in. Each wind was tighter than the last and finally he secured the end with tape.
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He looked at me as if to say "SO SCREAM!", but before I could his buddies came in. My heart sank as I heard them say Ken wasn't moving and I let loose a scream that filled my head, but came out only a slight "hummm". My wet eyes were squeezed shut as they moved in on my, holding my head and I heard them, say "Time to seal up loose ends...."
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