The Art Of TYLER

Bish Tyler SketchHey all, Geoff Merrick here. We’ve been lucky enough over the years to have some fine artist fans. There was the legendary Bish, aka Bob Bishop, of course, who did the original book covers, as well as the most accurate sketch of our “hero.”

 TAW 1 copyThen there was the great TAW, who did illo after illo in many a medium over theTAW 2 years. Here’s his take on the lovely heroine from Overdue. And his breathtaking interpretation of a damsel from Expelled.


He was happily followed by the magnificent Arcas, who blessed me with a look or two of his vision of Kate from The Damsel Saga.

NewTylerNow, I was recently visited on my Deviant Art page ( by a gent called DoktorK666, who wrote: “I'm a big, big fan of your work and I uploaded a picture in my gallery as a tribute to your Tyler novels.”

Although Tyler himself quibbled over the tougher look the good DoktorK gave him (“I never would have been successful with a mug like that!”), he gave the damsels a big thumb’s up.

“Thanks!” DoktorK666 wrote back. “I'm very happy that you like the pic. In the near future I'll finish a sketch based in your Rock Hard novel.”

Awesome! We look forward to seeing it, and of course we’ll share it with you web visitors as well.

But why stop there? Calling all artists, amateur and otherwise. Feel free to send us your own illustrative inspirations!

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