THE LIBRARY: THE EX The Conclusion

kordnurs3028 copyEX Part 4 {Continued From Here}

The van drove down the LA streets—not too fast, not too slow. They traveled the Sunset Strip; stopping at lights, waiting for cars ahead of them to turn left or right, and enjoying the night.

The ex occasionally checked the rear-view mirror: the first time when he heard Selina let out a long, guttural cry of agony. Sabata had come in her and her legs were stretched wide and tight, her head all the way back, her neck tendons gleaming, and tears pouring from her screwed-shut eyes.

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DDAMSEL COVER ROUGHamsel is the expanded epic that was once called The Girl Next Door (though she was never really the girl next door ... the "girl across the street," maybe, but I digress). Whatever it's called, it stands as one of my most "loved" sagas, which, in its original, shorter, less detailed, form, has inspired and stimulated readers and artists throughout the world  -- Geoff

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