THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 3

Knot3TYING THE KNOT Part 3 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}


Immediately afterwards, her fucker grabbed her big, buoyant tits even tighter, yanked her up off his cock, and whirled her around with a laugh. Only when she was facing her hand jobber did her rapist release her tits and grip her throat. The hand jobber sprayed Tina's bouncing boobs with thick, gooey cum as her head went agonizingly back--her moan becoming an agonizing lament. The third guy drove as Tina reached for anything behind her with aching fingers from her tightly bound wrists.

Tina squished in place again and again, the man beneath her forcing her onto his impaling pole, and the man on the back seat jerking her head up and down on his cock with both his hands wrapped deep into her hair.

Neither touched her tits, since they were already swimming in cum--the men had filled her D-cups with their jism and pasted them to her tits even before they left the church. She gurgled and choked, unable to bite.

Jenny prayed for Tina as Jonas rammed into her anus again. He lay atop her, top half on the rear seat, bottom over the limo floor as he repeatedly thrust his fetid dick between her legs, through her torn g-string, and deep into her tight, aching asshole.

“This doesn’t change anything, bitch,” he seethed through clenched teeth. “I don’t like to fuck bitches…I just like to torment them…!!

But Jenny could see no more, for Jonas stepped in to block her view.

"What?" he said with exaggerated wonder. "What did you say? Well, it's a most unusual request, but in your case? Okay. Of course you can come along on the honeymoon."

The realization of the statement was just dawning on the horrified beauty when he slammed a drug-soaked cloth over her nose. Her view got grainy, then dark gray. Jonas's leer stretched and wrapped around her world. She become dimly away of cord biting deep into her wrists and upper thighs, but then she finally lost consciousness.

Jenny became aware of the smelling salts before her eyes snapped open in panic. She was, if anything, even more stunned than she had been in the rectory.

She was in the back seat of one of the wedding party limousines, wedged between two of Jonas's "best men." Through the windows, all around her, was the wedding crowd, laughing, waving, and throwing rice. Jenny stared without comprehension for a second before trying to leap toward them, screaming.

She discovered that the tape was still over her stuffed mouth and her wrists had been cunningly tied to the very top of her thighs--her skirt slit up the sides for that very purpose--so her bound hands were now obscured between the men's thighs and her own.

Her legs...her legs were now stretched all the way to the back of the front seat, her feet still wedged in her severe pink high heels and her ankles tied to the chair's metal slats, also by clear tape. She realized with the force of a sledgehammer that the crowd outside didn't know she was being held captive in the limo...they thought she wanted to be there!

She shook, she tried to shriek, she threw her head back, she tried to yank her legs this way and that. To the men, she looked like she was trying to seduce them by displaying her body wantonly, her lips moving leeringly beneath the mashing tape.

They didn't bother to tell her that the window glass was actually one way and while she could see the celebrating people, they couldn't actually see her. Why ruin her fun?

Jenny only stilled and stiffened when she finally noticed Jonas sitting on an extra limo seat to the side. Her brow furrowed, being truly surprised again.

“Shocked I'm not in the other limo with my new bride?" he asked, seemingly reading her mind. He shrugged, sneering. "I can have her ‘as long as we both shall live.’ But you ... you're something else again."

Jenny threw her head back and screamed. The only sound was a quiet, sodden wail.

"Yeah, yeah, baby," he said, reaching forward, "do that again. I love the way your body looks when you writhe."

Uncle Vinny watched the limos, with their smoked glass, wind their slow way out of the huge parking lot and onto the street beyond. Gonna have to replace the shocks when they get back to the garage, he thought. The vehicles were doing just too much rocking up and down for his liking....

Tina had a hard-on up her ass as a man lay on the floor of the limo, while another held her spider-ringed-gagged head and mouth down on his hard-on while he sat on the back seat.






Vegas1Vegas2Vegas3PlayWay before the 90's series, there was a VEGAS on ABC in the swingin' seventies. Three classic episodes ("Lost Women", "The Pageant" and "Mixed Blessings") has tie ups. The first was well known for showing us a room full of bound girls headed for white slavery. In "Pageant", beauties are grabbed and gagged at once and "Mixed" has Cassie Yates as a kidnapped and well-gagged nun. Enjoy!


Natacha is a French-Belgian comics series, created and drawn by François Walthéry. In the 70’s, the strip appeared in the magazine Spirou, but a decade later the stories were released in a series of albums (graphic novels).  Basically, Natacha is a flight attendant who gets into constant peril with hijackings, spies and such.

THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 2

TTK10TYING THE KNOT Part 2 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}


Jenny made her way to the rectory door and knocked quietly. "Jonas?" No answer. "Tina?" Continue reading

THE MEDIA ROOM: Remembering House Of Milan Part 1

HOM2HOM1PlayAt the height of their magazine publishing, House Of Milan went intro the fledging movie business. Actually they carried on an age old tradition of producing adult material in the 8mm format. For many of us, it was our first experience seeing the type of material we longed for in movie form. These silent films were later released in video with passive little musical soundtracks added. Like much media, the earliest releases were among the most interesting. Rough, rude and at times even brutal. One of the most talked about was FORCED ENTRY which has a 70's clad damsel put into a pretty miserable situation. Interesting to note the use of a stuff gag here, rarely used in photo stories at the time. For historical purposes (!), enjoy:

THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 1

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.55.29 AMTYING THE KNOT Part 1

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}




Stunningly sweet Jenny Marcus couldn't believe her eyes. Even after all the 5’5” inch brunette had already seen, she was paralyzed in place by the scene. Continue reading


Ex3EX Part 3 {Continued From Here}

Selina was beyond that anyway, screeching in terror at the attack. She fought furiously, but in vain. The men, hardly noticing her struggles, merely pulled her to the open van, hopped in, and dragged her with them.

She couldn't have been more than a hundred pounds, and, between the three of them, she was about as much trouble as an inflatable sex doll. Which she was just about to become.

Sabata had her on the van floor, his knee on her naked back as he pushed her head deeper into the soaking towel. The blond guy plucked her wrists from the air and handcuffed her. Continue reading