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Jennifer Angela Morgan didn't think she had ever done anything wrong in her life. Blonde, blue-eyed, fresh, caring, and in her first semester at college, she had her whole life ahead of her ... until, by total accident, she was spotted by the parents of a young man who had gotten too frisky on a first date five years prior. These parents knew what innocent, attractive, Jenny didn't know .. that their son was obsessed with her as "his one true love," and that they would do anything, ANYTHING, to keep her for their darling boy. Soon Jenny is plunged into a nightmare of captivity and torment, with rescue always inches away! And it only gets worse when newly blossomed high school senior Sara Sherman innocently shows up to ask directions, only to see something she shouldn't. Now both damsels have find themselves facing a fate worse than death ... on the REBOUND.

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She was nearly unconscious when they carried her out, but came back to full realization as he yanked the gag off her lower face. Before she could react to that, or the fact that she was seated on a laundry hamper, Agnes was there, her hand a clamp over the poor girl’s mouth again.
“No cries,” she warned as her husband approached with two rolls of sticky white hospital bandage. One wrapped around her lower face -- impossibly tight -- from her nostrils to her chin. The other wrapped under her chin and over her head, anchoring her jaw shut. Only then did Tom stand her up while Agnes started happily pulling clothing and accessories from the hamper.
“We burned all your stuff last night while you were snoozing,” the woman chirped.

When they finished, Jenny was on the floor between them, the bandage gag still adhered to her comatose head, her legs resplendent in the hose and heels -- her almost entirely exposed thighs nude and gleaming -- and the dress embracing her torso and hips, her breasts bulgingly bouncing in the bodice – her nipples barely covered. Her arms were behind her back, her wrists and elbows retied with thin, coarse rope. Her ankles were crossed and tied, her knees strapped together with a single leather belt.

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