REBOUND 2 More Ties More Gags More Tyler

Just when beautiful blonde Jenny thought it couldn't get any worse (kidnapped by the parents of the boy she rebuffed five years before, held as a prize for the perverted progeny, forced to marry him), it does. A lovely innocent brunette bystander is kidnapped to slake the lust of the depraved dad, then discovered, and imprisoned, by the unlawful local lawmen. Now, with both prizes taken from them, the corrupt couple set their sights on a sweet redheaded seminary student for their own debauched REBOUND II. Extensively remastered with new characters and chapters, this classic tale takes its place as a true classic of the genre.

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“Okay,” he rumbled, holding her head down. “Finish up, deputy. We got work to do.”
“Yes sir, sheriff sir,” Ted replied, starting to rut like she was a barnyard sheep.
A few cars away, Jenny Morgan was bound: her arms behind her wrist to elbow, forearm to forearm, her ankles crossed.
Jenny Morgan was gagged: bandage first, around her lower face and from the top of her head to her chin, then anchored with duct tape.
Jenny Morgan was accessorized: a tapered ass-plug deep in her lubricated anus, a nine-inch battery-run vibrator installed in her vaginal canal -- barely covered by the pleated skirt -- and flat alligator clips on her nipples, barely masked by the V-neck sweater.
Her husband held her in his arms, mauling her with his hands and mouth.
Fifteen yards back the other way, Sara Sherman shifted uncomfortably between the two law officials as they checked her restraints. There was a chain around her waist, with her wrists cuffed to each side. Her ankles were hobbled by another official police restraint.
The plugged ring gag was gone, replaced with a viciously tight plastic hospital plug, used on violent patients so they wouldn’t bite or swallow their tongues. Basically it was an institutionalized ballgag, except with a racheted plastic strap and a cunningly made plug that had a piece that held the tongue flat, which was, in turn, attached to a circular knob that had grooves on the top and bottom to wedge the teeth.
“Very pretty,” deputy Ted breathed, staring at the way the waist chain raised the micromini up her sweet haunches. Sheriff Jim only had eyes for the girl’s bulging water-balloon chest, her nipples barely covered by the dress’s triangles of nylon-spandex.
“Well, little girl,” the sheriff intoned. “Your folks wanna know where you went, and they won’t take no for an answer. So we’re gonna give you back to them, okay?”
Sara stared at her captors in disbelief......

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Excerpt From: Geoffrey Merrick. “Rebound Ii.” iBooks.