PLAYTHINGS – Another New Tyler Novel Hits The Net!

Playthings_coverA lot has changed for the publisher of one of the world's most popular publications ... but what hasn't changed is his lust, greed, and thirst for power. It ruins the life of the pretty, young, "girl of his dreams," and, unbeknownst to him, becomes a nightmare for a beautiful heiress, adorable teacher, and overripe gymnast who become targets for the dream girl's frustrated, unpaid, perverted abductors. Can the ex-white slaver known only as Tyler save these innocent victims before they are turned from sweet, vital, exceptional women into ... Playthings?

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But now Justine was awake and immediately gasping and quaking. She was in the small bathroom, on her knees. Or, more properly, on the side of her knees. Her skirt had been pulled up to the very top of her thighs. Her legs had been bent and her ankles had been strapped to her thighs with two inch-wide belts. Her legs had been separated so almost her entire body weight pressed down on her crouching limbs.
She couldn’t pull herself up because she couldn’t get the leverage. She couldn’t get her arms from behind her. She looked over her shoulders, groaning from the pain. Her elbows had been strapped together behind her. Her wrists were wrapped with soft, strong rope and attached to pipes along opposite walls of the narrow room by tightly pulled and knotted hemp lengths. Her lower arms made right angles to her upper arms, her fingers grabbing nothing as her hands fluttered in mid-air.
But that was not the worst of it. The worst of it was in her mouth and over her throat. Her sweet lips had been pried open. Her fine jaw was distended to almost its widest aperture. Her teeth were now clamped on the back of the blackboard eraser, held in her mouth by impossibly tight strands of rubber-coated wire, which dug into the center section of the deep, thick eraser strips, and was tightened at the back of her neck.
It was the worst sort of bit. Her saliva started collecting around her tongue immediately, making a pool in her lower jaw. She felt a stream of it slip out. She felt some soak into the black padding, but then a drop fell. She felt it hit her chest, just above her still tight shirt. She tried to look down. She felt a tearing pain at her scalp. Her head went back. Her hair had been collected, tied with another rope, and affixed by a hemp length to a pipe behind her.

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