Merrick Challenge Story: Sometimes You Have To Hate The Boss

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Sometimes You Have to Hate The Boss

My loins ached! I approached the unconscious raven haired beauty. I felt myself getting aroused. The boss said no but I figured a little insertion with man stick as I called it. The others groaned when I said that and the boss smiled and shook his head. I figured it wouldn’t hurt until I remembered the video he showed all of us about what happened to last minion that disobeyed him. I can still hear the screams and the sound of the chainsaw.

I still get flashbacks.

I sighed and sat in the darkened part of the warehouse studying her and wondered why the boss wanted her so badly. She suddenly woke and started to struggle when she realized she was tied up.

It was those eyes that got my attention. Those big chocolate brown eyes. The boss always had a thing for eyes. An ample chest helped, but it was the eyes that usually won the day. I decided immediately, I’m not dying today, even though it would be a hell of a way to go.

I smiled again making sure my leering grin never reached my eyes. It added to the terror to those I snatched.

She screamed trying to get attention only hear herself echo in the empty place, not realizing she is getting all the attention she would ever need. She tried again but the gag was cruel and effective, it only caused her to choke.

She stopped and resumed her struggles.

I tied her wrists together behind her back palm to palm, her arms at the elbow making them touch, before tying her forearms to waist. I decided the more restriction the better. Her ankles and knees came next, all with the same cruel effectiveness.

I approached her. My heavy footfalls caught her attention. She stopped struggling for a moment and watched me approach. She resumed her struggle when saw my erection stuck in my pants. I couldn’t help my self, she looked good enough to eat. The terror she displayed added to her tastiness.

I smiled. She screamed. I have that way with people.

“Sorry Max I can’t, you belong to the boss. Too bad though ‘cause once you had Hoody you’ll never go back” I said with a smirk.

She stopped struggling when she heard her name wondering how in the hell he got that. Only a select few knew her name was Maxine or Max as her friends called her. This giant of a man was not her friend.

I smiled at her confusion as to how I knew her name. I love how they forget about that mini suit case they carry around with them. I rifled though her purse, took the cash (nice haul by the way), the boss never cared. I looked at her driver’s licence picture and decided she looked better now, despite her dishevelled appearance.

I walked her around like a cat around a wounded bird. I knelt down behind her opened her pale yellow blouse placed my hands in her frilly bra and grabbed her breasts.

Damn! They fit in the palm of my hands .I squeezed them like a pair of ripe melons! I was almost giddy with joy! I knelt behind her, my pelvis against her back and I felt my erection renew itself. She resumed struggling against my grasping paws. She moved away, I grabbed her, dragged her back and renewed my play.

“Hoody what are you doing’”

I cursed at hearing the boss’s voice.

“Nothing just touching what I can’t have” I said sighing again at the feeling of those breasts

I turned to see a medium  sized gentleman in charcoal pin- striped suit with a 9mm at his side cocked and ready to fire. His two goons stood on either side of him looking imposing until I controlled myself allowing my man stick to soften before standing up.

They backed down and the boss holstered his weapon.

“Did you?” nodding at the terrified beauty I left behind

“After what you did to the last idiot that defied you. Hell no. Thought about though. Damn too bad you have to sell that one.”

“I’m not I’m keeping for myself. She was to pretty not to take. Besides I knew I could trust you.”

He waved me over and handed me an address. I moved deeper into the warehouse, took off my mask . I was about to blast him when a gloved hand came up to stop me.

“There’s two of them. One’s a redhead, petit but built in all the right places and the other is a leggy blonde. Iwant the blonde the redhead is yours, bonus for not being tempted.”

He handed me the pictures and I smiled. Damn christmas came early this year.




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