Merrick Challenge Story: Julie Clue & The Haunted House

{Here's an entry into our ongoing MERRICK CHALLENGE contest - submitted by Spandexman. Comments?}

Julie Clue and the Haunted House


As always Julie 'Clue' Campbell the pretty blonde college student was onto another mystery. She had grown up reading mystery novels and couldn't resist a mystery and just five miles away from the campus was the 'Haunted House'. Of course all amateur detectives needed a sidekick and Raquel Perez the dark haired beauty who was always game for any adventure. They walked into the old Haunted House at 7:30 at night since they couldn't leave campus without having supper and visiting with their friend at the library first.

The electricity had been turned off years ago so they used flashlights with almost dead batteries. Julie looked around the first floor for a pit stop, so decided to go to the basement. Just as she got to the bottom of the stairs she was grabbed from behind and a balled up pair of underpants were jammed in her luscious mouth with two strips of wide duct tape plasterred over her full pink lips! She could see the strong man or call out for "Help!" as another set of hands grabbed her's and taped then to a huge steel hook that was hanging from an old beam. She could barely touch teh dirt floor with her sneakered toes as the two set of hands prodded her Spanx jeans clad bottom and maroon tank top that barely concealed her 36C bosom. She meowed through the pantyhose that tasted of another woman. The two kidnappers then went up the stairs and followed the footsteps in the dark.

Raquel banged her cheap flashlight against her tight skinny jeans clad thigh to get more light. She was soon grabbed and a pair of worn pantyhose jammed in her pretty mouth with two strips of tape pressed over her pouty red lips! She tried to fight as taped was wrapped around her just manicured hands. The two big men carried her down the cellar where Julie was and lifed the new victim up and had her secured to the second steel hook. This was too easy for the two kidnappers.

The two college co-eds tried to talk to each other but only garbled words left their full mouths. One of the kidnappers taped their ankles together to make sure they stayed put. He then walked away and lit a lantern 10' feet away.

Julie looked around the brick walled basement in hopes of seeing a way to escape and try to think of something beside going to the bathroom. She wondered who wore the pantyhose that were shoved in her mouth as her partner seemed to get very upset and scared!

Things looked hopeless for the two bound and gagged beauties. To make matters worse no one knew they were going to the Haunted House a mile from the college campus and it was a Friday night! To make matters even worse the two girls were concidered nerds so not many students bothered with them. Julie made it clear to keep their trip a secret until they wrote the paper on the the old gangster and his hideout. She had a feeling it would be a winning report.

She had really warmed up to Professor Tracy Craig, the pretty Creative Writing instructor who tried to look nerdy, but just could pull it off. The red haired professor also had a love for old mysteries and had told her about the old house and how gangsters used it to smuggle booze and counterfeit money. In fact it was Tracy that told her about how the leader was shot and killed and that his body was never found. It was rumored her wandered around the basement waiting to get revenge. The house was scheduled to be torn down and turned into an off campus dorm, thus the reason Julie wanted to have a look and perhaps take pictures another time.

Raquel was so scared she wet her skinny jeans. She was glad she was 5'8",since her sneakers touched the dirt and her friend at 5'6" was on her toes! She wondered what was in store for them. The two men were big and could hurt them. She felt her tampon inside of her and felt so vulnerable. She looked at her equally terrified friend and felt more helpless. Julie always seemed to have the answered and was drawing a blank.

Footsteps came down the stairs and sounded like highheels. Turning around was too painful.

"I see you two fell for my trap." Professor Craig said as she looked over the two frightened captives. She looked so sexy in her tight red top, skintight black spandex leggings and black knee high boots with 3" heels. " I have a buyer for you two."

Julie and Raquel gasp through their pantyhose stuffed mouths! Julie wet her Spanx jeans from panic!

"Oh the good news you will be together. The weather in Egypt is hot though." Tracy informed the sex slaves.

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