Merrick Challenge Story From Week Six

{Here's an entry into our ongoing MERRICK CHALLENGE contest - From Week 6 - submitted by Tklover66. Comments?}

tumblr_nsomu5ESaY1rbpfmfo1_1280“Ooh yeah,” the captor murmured lustily, smoothing his hands across the duct tape used to seal the muffled squeals and moans of his busty blonde captive, Krissy. His hands moved over to the already-sealed brunette, Denise, and stroked her silky mane soothingly. The two college students were best friends and room mates, sharing a rented room – which had just turned into a prison for them.

The captor stood back to admire his handiwork, and his cock hardened even more. Krissy and Denise moaned in fear at the look of lust in their captor’s eyes, knowing they were helpless  at his mercy. He drank in the way they were seated back to back, duct tape securing their hands and legs to the base of the chairs. More duct tape across their torsos, serving to simultaneously secure them further to the chairs, as well as emphasising their well-endowed breasts for his viewing pleasure.

“Been watching you two for a real long time,” he said, flipping open a switchblade and deftly slicing open the top of Denise’s blouse to expose her glorious breasts firmly nestled in a lacy bra. The knife made short work of the bra, and her breasts sprang free. Denise squealed in horror, shaking her body within the confines of her bondage. Minimal movement, minimal sound. Whatever movement she made merely served to make her breasts jiggle enticingly for him.

The knife made quick work of Krissy’s dress and bra as well, the helpless blonde sobbing in fear and humiliation at the treatment, her huge breasts quivering with each sob. He whistled in mock appreciation at Krissy’s impressive tits. Standing beside them, he cupped Denise’s left tit in his left hand and Krissy’s right tit in his right hand. “Ooohhh,” he groaned in pleasure, molesting the two beauties. “Can’t wait to get you two beauts back to my basement, the fun we’re gonna have together!” he snickered. Both girls screamed into the duct tape, with only a soft mewl escaping. They realised they were going to be kidnapped by this perverted madman!

He unzipped his pants and let his cock out of their confines. He pulled a chair to sit between them, plopping his cock into their unwilling hands. He went back to fondling their magnificent tits. “Now, we’ve got loads of time to pass while we wait for the middle of night to get to back to my place. So we might as well get started on some fun and games. Now, when I play with those tits of yours,” he squeezed Denise’s tits. “You stroke my cock like your life depends on it. And when I play with those melons of yours,” he turned his attention to Krissy, pinching her nipples lightly, making her groan. “You stroke my cock like I’m your favourite boyfriend ever.

He started squeezing Krissy’s huge tits, expecting her to comply. Her fingers remained unmoving. “You just don’t get it, do you, bitch,” he hissed. This time, he grabbed her nipple between thumb and forefinger, squeezing it like popping a pimple. For added measure he twisted her trapped nipple cruelly. Krissy’s brain exploded in white hot pain, but the duct tape ensured she could not scream, nor escape. He released her abused nipple, and she slumped helpless in her bonds, weeping in fear and pain.

“Your turn, toy,” he murmured to Denise, gripping her nipple as though he was going to do the same thing to her. Immediately her elegant fingers started stroking his rock-hard cock. “Ahh, a fast learner,” he chuckled. “You’ll have a good future as my plaything,” he laughed. He molested Denise’s tits leisurely. He brought his other hand to Krissy’s tit. She flinched but this time began stroking the horrid cock as best as she could. He smiled in triumph. Soon, under the forced ministrations of their trapped fingers, he spurted his first load of the night onto their fingers, making them squeal in surprise.

Laughing, he leaned forward to kiss them across the duct tape covering their lips. “can’t wait to get my cock between those hot, sexy lips!” he whispered. “But that can only wait till we head over safely to my place.” He flicked his tongue over each earlobe. “And you can beg and scream all you want too!”

Abruptly he got to his feet. “In about another hour or 2, no rush, we can get ready to leave for my house. The streets will be nice and quiet, and no one will disturb us.” He rummaged through their wardrobe. “Would you look at these sexy clothes?” he whistled, pulling out the sexiest pieces of swim wear, evening wear and lingerie from their wardrobes. “Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun fucking in them!” And then he pulled out a vibrator from a cupboard. “Now, now, naughty girls. You like your toys eh? I guarantee we’re going to get on like a blast!” he laughed.

He dropped the clothes he wanted into a bag, and left the vibrator out for use. He held a syringe in his hands. He sat between them again, his cock in their unwilling hands again. “Stroke,” he said, and this time obedience was immediate. He showed them the syringe as they masturbated their captor. “Pure rophynol,” he told them, and suddenly it was clear how he intended to get them safely away to his place, where he would hide them and use them as his sex toys.

He put the syringe away and his fingers crept under each girl’s dress. Pushing the panties aside, he started diddling their helpless pussies. The squeals and moans and sobs coming from their gap fuelled his lust to greater heights. “First one to cum gets the first shot!” he laughed, delighting in their helplessness. Soon, both Krissy and Denise were emitting different moans, desperately trying to hold back the unwanted forced orgasm. “Who’s it gonna be, hmm, who’s gonna cum for me first?” he taunted them, fingers expertly stimulating the girls’ pussies. With a loud muffled wail, Krissy orgasmed, her taut body spasming uncontrollably in the throes of forced orgasm.

He reached for the syringe again, and Krissy shook her head fearfully. “Don’t worry, I changed my mind!” and jabbed Denise instead. The look of shock and horror on Denise’s face nearly made him cum, but her eyes soon glassed over and her body became limp. He cut the tape away from Denise’s body and removed the tape from her lips. She merely moaned softly and sat dazedly in the chair. “Best drug ever,” he murmured to himself. “immediate compliance, and they don’t know shit,” he snickered.

While Denise sat dazedly waiting for instructions, he retrieved the vibrator and used more duct tape to secure it between Krissy’s legs, ensuring she was sitting on the head of vibrator. He switched it on and watched her reactions delightedly. “Enjoy the show we’re putting up for you,” he said, leading a helpless Denise to the bed.

“Come here, babe, and show daddy how much you love to suck my cock,” he leered to Denise.

“Love cock,” she murmured, and dazedly took his cock into her mouth.

“Ooohhh, feels like heaven,” he groaned in pleasure. “Here, sweet cheeks, you know you want to ride my cock now!” he instructed Denise, who dazedly obeyed. He lay on his back, hands behind his head as Denise mounted her sweet pussy onto his cock. “Oh, yeah!” he moaned. “That’s what I call prime pussy!” As Denise started to ride his cock.

He turned to look at Krissy, revelling in how good his cock felt in Denise’s tight, warm pussy, while enjoying the sight of a bound, blonde beauty, being brought to repeated forced orgasms while watching her best friend get raped in front of her eyes. He reached out and grabbed Denise’s tits as he shot his load into her helpless pussy. He pulled out from Denise and brought her head down to his cock. She obediently took it into her mouth again. “What a good fuck,” he giggled. He looked at Krissy. “Ready for the rest of your life, titty girl?”

By the time both girls recovered from the drug, they were in his van, gone from their neighbourhood. Denise found herself seated next to him. Her wrists were crossed behind her, taped all the way to her elbows. She was seating astride some sort of saddle, her feet lashed to the base of the seat. In her mouth was a dildo gag affixed to the van ceiling, keeping her head upright. Her nipples were clamped, pulled forward to the glove compartment. She screamed and bucked her body, only to realise the seat was like a rocking horse. And she was impaled on a dildo up her pussy. As she rocked on the dildo, she felt the anal dildo at the entrance to her anus. She screamed again into the dildo gag, and this time succeeded in impaling both her ass and pussy. He took one hand off the steering wheel to fondle an abused tit, flicking the clamp to stretch her nipple further. “Enjoying the ride, babe? I sure am!” he laughed.

Squashed right under the driver’s seat, Krissy was bound wrists to ankles, his feet across her shoulders anchoring her cramped body to the floor. A vicious ring gag in her mouth ensured his cock was pleasantly enveloped all the way home. “You girls ever dig each other?” he asked. “We’ll find out soon enough,” he chuckled to himself.

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