Merrick Challenge Story From Week Four: SNATCHED!

tumblr_ns3ovaPKyt1u4idbno1_540{Here's an entry into our ongoing MERRICK CHALLENGE contest - From Week 4 - submitted by LordBaron475. Comments?}

I woke with a groan figuring it was one of my many nights of partying that finally caught with me. Finding myself unable to move was a different thing entirely. I looked down to see my tight aquamarine blue blouse opened and rope wrapped my chest above and below my breasts. My bra was pulled down to reveal my half dollar shaped areoles and gum dropped sized nipples. I always my nipples were the best part of my breasts since they weren’t very big.

I figured it was one of my girlfriends teaching me a lesson, until I felt my elbows grind together. Everyone knew I hated having my elbows bound together it reduced an escape attempt to near zero.

I knew I was in trouble. I’ve been kidnapped.

I haven’t been partying for a while since father been asking if everything is ok, my usual bar and restaurant bill is higher than usual. I didn’t want to say no but drowning one’s sorrows in liquor didn’t help either, neither is telling the person whom pays your bills.

So if it wasn’t one of my girlfriends who secured to this chair then who was it. I tried to move my ankles only find them bound tightly together as tight ass my ankles. Who ever did this also tied my legs together above the knee.

What the fuck! Who are these people and did piss off someone only to have them kidnap me for revenge?

“Helf! Helf!” I called out only to hear a curse.

A tall well muscled man dressed in black approached. As I was about say another word He showed me penis prod gag. I gulped and bit back any attempt to speak to him.

“You are smart aren’t you Maggie.”

He saw the look on my face and I knew this is going to get worse, unless he snatched me for ransom. If that is the case he’ be mildly surprised when daddy tells him the only safe thing for him to do is to return me to him, he won’t the people he’ll after him. He just looked at me smiled. I flinched as he was about to touch me.

His smile grew wider.

“This isn’t for ransom my pet. Someone paid a lot of money too get their hands on you. They might ne a little disappointed with your attire. I was hopping for one of those short party dresses you look so good in, but beggar can’t be choosers.”

Someone paid him to kidnap me. Wanted to ask questions, but that wicked looking panel gag and a stern look kept me silent. Who would want to have me kidnapped? I knew I’ve left broken hearts and wrecked relationships in my wake, but none were that vindictive enough to have me kidnapped, or were they?

I ran with a very rich set, so keeping daddy happy meant he’d keep paying my bills as long as I appeased him. I ran the Companion foundation for him even gone as far as increasing the image me would want to set. He’s been very happy with me and even increased my allowance. I didn’t need since the foundation paid me very well.

Still that guy being hired to kidnap me bothered me and from the look in his face hidden by his mask, knew it.

I groaned into my gag as he approached me with some water.

“Drink but don’t ask questions I understand.” I nodded and he removed the gag.

I wanted to yell, but that callused hand would hurt if I got slapped with it. I took a long sip and allowed him to re-gag me.

“Good girl you’re learning you’ll make a fine slave.”

Slave! I’m nobody’s slave and started to struggle against the ropes. I stopped suddenly when I saw that leer he gave me he wanted to struggle.

His cell phone ran and moved to answer it.

“Ya I got her” he said waiting for the response

“No she isn’t in her usual pay outfit... she was a brown shirt blue blouse and silver heels.” He said again and looked at me with a cruel expression

“Look she hasn’t he been out partying in weeks. So if you want her to dress like that, then dress her like that. I’m not doing it.”

I watched him as looked at me and could tell the person the other end wasn’t happy.

“So when are you coming to get her?” he asked as he ran his right hand though my soft dark brown hair.

“Ok I’ll be waiting. I can’t to see her face “

He turned to face me, ran his fingers through my hair again and gave that I feel sorry you look and walked away.

Who would want me? Why did they want me dressed in my partying outfit?

As I struggled, I remembered his expression. I have a feeling I’m not going like the surprise.

I wish I could chew a on my necklace.

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