Merrick Challenge Story From Week Eleven: TAKEN!

tumblr_nxdk7pPHlp1u2cmh8o8_540{Here's an entry into our ongoing MERRICK CHALLENGE contest - From Week 11 - submitted by LordBaron475. Comments?}

Taken from Home !!!

Tape. I usually prefer rope but beggars can’t be choosers. The boss wasn’t happy with how close she got, so he asked me to dispose of her. The problem is a cop going missing makes things harder for the rest of us. I did smile at her pink bikini brief and her black bra though. Interesting color choice, silver duct tape goes with everything.

I picked her up placed her over my shoulder, she long since stopped struggling, since I did warn her I was being nice to her. She didn’t think that until I told a duct taped ball tie would be much worse. I do prefer rope, but that usually means no clothes and the wanted her dressed. I have no idea why, she may not live though the night.

I knew the tape around her ankles, calves, above and below the knees was tight. I should’ve brought the large of roll of black electrical tape instead. It tends to shrink after you pulled it tight, but I saw what the boss has planned for her and the duct tape will do.

I picked up her other shoe and hoped that the boss give us guys a go at her before the steel coffin encasement and the ocean drop, she is pretty and a private dick, they’re usually more fun than plain old cops. As I got her to the car the missing files still bothered me. Where in the hell were they? They weren’t in her office and I went though her place with a fine tooth comb and found nothing. I wanted to torture the info out of her, but the boss wanted that enjoyment for himself. Still m those missing files are bugging him as he went up the stairs to the car.

I placed her in the trunk and the interior light shone a roll of clear plastic sheeting. The kind that is used to make vapour barriers or prevent and DNA from escaping. She looked at me and I saw the terror return, not that it ever left. I smiled at her before remarking,

“Just in case. The boss sometimes just has me kill and dispose, you my dear must be different. He might end up keeping you for a while. If not I’m going to ask for you as my bonus.”

I placed a finger on her gagged lips to silence her before saying, ”I hope you can answer all the Boss’s questions it will go easier for you and you get to keep finger and toe nails. If not…”

I left the torture idea hanging in the air. I’m not fond of it but it does do the job.

My cell buzzed as I warned her to not to move around,

“Ya? Hey Boss I got her it was easy.” I waited for a moment as I walked to the front of the car for him to speak.

“No boss I couldn’t find the files. I went her office first trussed up that pretty secretary of hers and went though all her files and that one was missing.”

I waited again as I studied the street, no one was curious about the strange car in their neighbours driveway. She must get a lot of visitors. I cursed and stopped the Boss with,”I think I know where that file is and you’re not going to like it.”

He cursed when I told him. Someone is not going to have fun tonight. It might a rape night after all.

“Boss I’ll just her off and trey to catch the other at home. We’ll them both and one of them will spill.”

There was silence at the other end when told me to forget about the other one and bring the one I have. I grumbled something but said “Understood” and hung up.


I walked over to the trunk opened it , smiled before saying,

“I hope my boss will be happy with you babe because if he’s not he’ll some of your friends to play with. You should kept your nose out of it.

“ I would also hope you keep quiet , because he does have people working for him on the force and they’re not as nice as me. If one of them hears you, I’ll be forced to hand you over and you won’t like it.”

She nodded and squirmed closer to the plastic sheeting like a good little worm.

I love terror. It makes them think of safety. I wish I had found that folder, as I closed the trunk.



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