Merrick Challenge Story: Caught In

{Here's an entry into our ongoing MERRICK CHALLENGE contest - From Week 8 - submitted by LordBaron475. Comments?}

Caught In

The roses hid his face as he knocked on Amanda’s door. He prepped the taser as she approached and smiled at what’s going to happen next.

“Who is it?” he heard the high heels click along the floor and wait till she got close.

“Flowers ma’am from Adeline florist.”

Amanda paused for a moment wondering who would be sending her flowers and saw long stemmed red roses when she looked at the monitor, she smiled and remarked,

“Just a minute.” And rushed to the door.

She forgot the about the security protocol and opened the door to receive 50,000 volts. She screeched, hissed before falling backward into the house. The Retriever closed the door behind him and quickly injected her with a special cocktail of his that will keep her out for a couple of hours.

He placed the roses on the couch, scooped her up and carried her to the kitchen just down the hall. He placed her on the chair he pulled with his foot and proceeded to restrain her.

He started with legs and smiled at them. She must dance he thought to himself of swim a lot. Pity she may have to die tonight. He crossed her ankles wrapped the duct around them a few times. Moved up to her calves and above her knees. He pulled her elbows together and grinned at how flexible she was before wrapping the tape around her elbows several making them secure. The wrists came next. He crossed them and taped them up tight, before standing her up and wrapping more tape around her waist, and above and below her breasts. Damn this girl is the total package. Maybe he won’t kill her

He put a squeeze ball in her mouth and taped it shut. He reinforced with tape going up cheek then the other. He turned on the kettle to make himself a coffee, while waiting for her to wake up. He walked around the house and quickly realized even couldn’t get in if hadn’t opened the door. Who is this girl and what would so valuable for tem to get him to retrieve it.


Amanda woke to see the Retriever staring at her. She tried to a talk only find out she’s been gagged and bound very tightly when she tried to struggle. Those cold grey eyes stopped her.

His phone suddenly rang.


“Do you have her?”

“Ya I got her it was easy. As soon as she saw the roses she forgot to ask for the password. Now what do you want me to look for.”

“You already got it” was the response on the other end of the phone

“Her. I don’t kidnap I retrieve. I’m done”

A yell caught his attention; he paused for a moment and placed the phone back to his ear.

“Look the guy she worked for watches her like a hawk. Getting close to her is almost impossible. If you didn’t use the rose idea you would‘ve never gotten into that house. It’s Fort Knox tight.

“You however can retrieve anything and so we sent you to retrieve her. We’ll pay double your usual fee.”

He looked at the tightly taped up beauty before saying “Triple. I want triple for this. If this guy is who I think he is, I’m going have to vanish for a while.

There was a long pause on the other end of the phone. He was about to hang up when he got a response,

“Fine triple. You’ll have to deliver her though.”

“Not a problem I’ll use her car. The trunk is big enough and I’ll give her another of my needles.”

“Excellent see you soon”

“Uh gentlemen before you try to cross me again. Do any of you remember the St.Anne massacre?”

“Yup it was a bloody mess. Bodies and pieces of b-.Shit you knew who did that”

He waited for a few moments before saying

“Ya it was me. They double-crossed me multiple times so I got rid of their money man, his guards and wife. The kids I gave to a wealthy family whom could take great care of them.

“The point is I don’t like to sucker punched gentlemen, remember that, Mr Kane.”

He could hear a gasp in the background a curse whispers then silence. He has a feeling someone is talking to them about this.

Kane returned to the phone with a different attitude.

“Look I meant no offense. Lave the girl in the trunk and I’ll a team to retrieve her. Your money will deposited later tonight.”

“You sure?” The Retriever asked with a grin.

“Positive.” was then edged reply.

“Good nice doing business with you Mr. Kane.”


“Son of a bitch I want his head in bag tonight.”

“Don’t” a voice from a darkened corner remarked.

“How the hell are you and why not he’s just some guy?”

“He did the St. Anne job as a warning to the consortium Kane. Don’t cross him again. He will end you.”

“Look Mr-

“Smythe, call me Mr. Smythe and don’t condescend to me again or I will have you killed and pay the Retriever myself.”

That silenced the entire room, they knew who Mr. Smythe was and the pretty blonde standing behind him cocked her suppressed browning she took out of her shoulder holster. A hand rested on hers, she sighed, put the safety on and reholstered her gun.

“My daughter is a little over protective of me as her mother is of her, but needless to say she will kill everyone in room has done it before. Those gentlemen were better trained but they still died.”

He stood walked over and looked at Kane who m nodded and made the call.

“Gentlemen don’t disappoint us again” and walked away.

Someone reached for their gun, she heard it spun, unholstered her browning, clicked the safety and fired as she went to one knee. The bullet caught right him between the eyes. The shock was enough for everyone to get the point.


The Retriever turned and looked at the taped up beauty shrugged before saying,

“Sorry babe duty calls time to put in the trunk, but first”

Amanda saw the needle tried to scream and struggle but the tape was too damn tight. The injection silenced her.

His phone rang again,

“Ya what is It.?”

“They tried to shoot daddy. Wait to till someone gets to get her then call the cops. Don’t be there understood.”

“Understood” the chill in that gave the Retriever a chill. Pissing her off was a bad idea, as he picked up Amanda to place her in the trunk.


“Its done”

“Good girl lets go home.” A firm but gentle hand stopped her. She looked up and smiled that cold eerie smile and got into the armoured limousine after dad.

Mr. Kane felt someone walk over his grave.







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