tumblr_nsomu5ESaY1rbpfmfo1_1280We are back with the the inspiration for Week 6 of THE MERRICK CHALLENGE. Again we chose an image with two unfortunate ladies - and we have a few rule changes. Scroll down  and win a FREE COPY of any of our epub TYLER Novels!

• Each week (or so....) we post a photo and ask for submissions of original bondage fiction inspired by that image. The stories should be from 500 to 2,000 words in length - single spaced and submitted as either a Word (.doc) or Text (.txt) file. We reserve the right to publish your work here on the site.

• New Photos up up every WEEK - the deadline for entries is SEVEN DAYS FOLLOWING THE POST. This week's winner will receive their choice of any of our new TYLER Novels!

• After ten weeks, all winners will be placed in an online poll for YOU to choose the best story and THAT Grand Prize Winner will receive a rare, out of print TYLER novel from the 80's signed by me, Geoff Merrick. I will also collaborate with the winner for a full version of their story to be used here.

• All entries (or questions) should be sent to

Now - here is the image for WEEK SIX:


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