Where’s That Next TYLER Novel?


Hey folk. Somewhere around this site I wrote that we hoped to make a new Tyler paperback and e-book available every month. Well, you may have noticed that May has sped by with nary a new book in any format.

I admit: last month was a bitch (or a bastard, depending on your political correctness). Your free updates were maintained, but neither the paperback of Damsel 2, nor the  new release, Expelled, was anywhere to be seen. With any luck, these delays are now behind us (for the moment), and our release schedule can get back on track. In fact, to make up for the loss of momentum, we’ll try to get the next two releases up and running by the end of June.

Of course we have no excuses for these oversights, just reasons: like two white slavery procurers (code-named Candyman and Beachcomber) going rogue, and a new, four-step, White Slavery Network gag being instituted industry-wide … one that incorporates a recently perfected liquid that combines a sedative with an aphrodisiac.

But I’ll let you know more details about all of that ASAP. Keep your eyes on the Library and the Attic….


Damsel2aIn case you missed the post, DAMSEL 2 (my third reworked TYLER novel) is out and set up for instant download. And just to get you in the mood, here's a brief sneak peek:

Kate Lipton moved another painful, agonizing inch across the carpeted floor toward the shuttered window.

Outside, the sun was high in the sky, and the sounds of pedestrians and vehicles filled the room. Inside, a stunning thirty-six double-d, twenty-two, thirty-three inch beauty lay on the floor in a low-cut, micromini black lace dress, matching thigh-high stockings, and wicked five inch black high heel pumps – her mouth stuffed and her body lashed.

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Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 5.38.20 PM

Here's Damsel II continuing the plight of Kate and her family, caught in a trap that seems to tighten with every struggle from her soft body or muffled scream from her well-packed mouth And now her beautiful sister, Liz, is drawn into the same, binding fate.

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DDAMSEL COVER ROUGHamsel is the expanded epic that was once called The Girl Next Door (though she was never really the girl next door ... the "girl across the street," maybe, but I digress). Whatever it's called, it stands as one of my most "loved" sagas, which, in its original, shorter, less detailed, form, has inspired and stimulated readers and artists throughout the world  -- Geoff

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A Message From Merrick

TylerWelcome, welcome, welcome to whiteslaver.com, the home of the Tyler Files.

It’s been a long time coming (if you’ll excuse the expression). It all started when I was about five – long before I even knew what sex was – and I saw a pretty nurse getting kidnapped on a TV show. Something went “sproing!” in my head (and pants), and, from then on, all my dad’s mens magazines, my brother’s pulp novels, and the media’s damsel-in-distress subplots had a new potency. Continue reading

Tyler Returns In ROCK HARD

product_thumbnail-1The renegade white slaver known only as Tyler is back, fighting to save an avenging heroine from a depraved rock star, his perverted roadies, his sadistic groupies, and his evil management. From the steel and glass prisons of New York to the glittering tinsel town sin centers of Los Angeles, Tyler battles the worse demons modern society has to offer! The first in a new series of Tyler thrillers, ROCK HARD, is now available. You can buy it to read instantly here or get an actually printed copy here.

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“Laura’s first scream was suffocated by the shock of Eddie yanking her dress top open and assailing her chest. Continue reading