BOUND FOR HOLLYWOOD – A New Tyler Hits Here!


FINALLY! The new Tyler is out, and worth waiting for! The thriller first published twenty years ago as "Bound for Hollywood" has been extensively expanded, rewritten, and remastered to make it the blockbuster classic it always should have been. A perfect blonde girl next door … an adorably sexy commercial starlet … a sitcom sex symbol … four different auditioners for a teen channel’s latest hits … and even more get caught between Tyler and his nemesis, The Procurer. And you know what happens to pretty girls then, don’t you? Abductions, kidnappings, captivity, binds, gags, desperate attempts at escape, agonizing near rescues, and so much more.You can download your copy to read instantly here, but first a sneak preview:

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Tyler Novels: School Is Bound & Out In THE TRUANT

TruantCoverIt's not enough that the renegade white slaver known as Tyler has to deal with procurers from the White Slavery Network, but in this modern age of mercenary media, he also has to deal with the depraved monsters he has labeled "Privateers" -- those psycho kidnappers who stalk, snatch, and secret innocent beauties for their own perverted pleasure. This time a monstrous mother decides to abduct her own best friend's daughter to salve the lusts of her three sick sons -- each who obsess on a different part of their red-headed captive. That's bad enough, but when a lovely brunette teacher's aide comes looking for the missing girl, and the maniacal mom decides to find a blonde to make sure all her off-spring have a victim of their very own, Tyler must move quickly, before the trio of sweet young women disappear for good.

TRUANT is the latest novel featuring TYLER and written by the legendary Geoff Merrick. You can download your copy to ready instantly here - but first, a tease?

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BallroomBALL ROOM - My newest reworked Tyler novel is here!

The renegade ex-white slaver known only as Tyler had met Mistress Elizabeth before ... just as she was starting her horrid career as captor and tormenter of pretty young ladies. But, tragically he let her, and some of her perverted brood, escape. This time he's tracked her down to a dance academy, where two lovely hopefuls disappear -- primed to be the star attraction at the next white slavery auction. From New York to Los Angeles, Tyler fights Miz Liz and her freaky family as they set upon a third target: the most beautiful dancer on the sexiest TV dancing show ever. But can even Tyler hope to foil this depraved cabal in time?

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It's my newest TYLER novel - on sale NOW. Here's a preview: 

All the divergent forces of her sudden captivity came into sharp, painful, focus. She was lying on her side on a mat inside a secret room. Her wrists were sewn together. Her ankles were locked together. An unforgiving obstruction was lodged and secured in her mouth. And then the man fell on her again, his tearing at her chest and crotch. Continue reading


Hey friends, fans, lurkers, haters, or trolls. Merrick here. Can’t remember whether I officially said we’d be trying to post a new(ish) Tyler Files novel here every month. But, in any case, it probably won’t be happening this month (November 2014).

Not surprisingly, the holidays are a particularly busy time for white slavers and renegade ex-white slavers alike. Seems that there are various preverts (sic) who want to surprise their significant others with a pretty, unwilling, girl under the tree or bush or Festivus pole or whatever -- which requires even an editor to pitch in and help out stopping them.

Thankfully, we’ve run both the procurers I mentioned in the last message (Beach Bum and Candyman) to ground, but are now dealing with the pressing incursions of three more: “RSO” (pronounced Rizo), a registered sex offender who seems to like testing the attention spans of his parole officers by grabbing girls under 5’3" and hiding them under his handlers’ very noses; MIA (pronounced Mia), who likes targeting fit, attractive cops, soldiers, or nurses; and Kawaii Katcher, who specializes in stalking, snatching, and secreting the cutest Asians he can find. This in addition to the usual gang of idiot WSNners and privateers.

So I hope you’ll forgive me, buy whichever Tyler Files novels you haven’t yet (GO HERE), and, better yet, tell whichever like-minded friends or tumblrs about Tyler and his Files.

If I don’t see you again before then, happy mmphing holidays! 

TYLER NOVELS: SOB Brings New Thrills & Mpghhs!

SOBCoverThe renegade ex-white slaver known only as Tyler made a mistake. Although he rescued the magnificent Kate Lipton from "The Damsel Saga," he let some of her persecutors escape. One of them became obsessed with slasher movies, but hated that the beautiful victims always got killed. He unknowingly agreed with Tyler on that: "what a terrible waste of young, vital, sexy, beauty." What would happen, he wondered, if those flicks were remade ... only with all the pretty girls silenced, secured, and secreted instead of slaughtered? To Tyler's everlasting regret -- as well as a blonde film lover, a brunette camp counselor, an auburn-haired babysitter, an Asian schoolgirl, and more -- this perverted young man decided to find out...!

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BindContractIf you thought the renegade ex-white slaver known as Tyler only had to fight professional procurers, you were wrong. Back in the demented 1990’s, when stock and real estate markets went crazy, there was a human monster working in the highest levels of big business …a human monster who wanted to take anything he lusted after. Whether it was a supremely sexy young executive, a lovely intern, or even the innocent teen-age daughter of a competitor …. Whatever, and whoever, he desired, he only had to say three dreaded words – "I want her" – and his brutal, amoral, sycophant staff would go to work, taking, hiding, silencing, restraining ... forcing them to sign their own, unwilling, lifelong BINDING CONTRACT. Continue reading

Did You Miss EXPELLED? Here’s A Free Preview!

ExpelledCoverWhen I posted my list of current TYLER books a few days ago, a few regular visitors to the site mentioned that somehow they missed the release of EXPELLED. In case it slipped past you, too, here's a free preview:

As the hospital soothed and instructed the student on the line, Elizabeth watched Carlson pull the captive girl down to the couch, one hand always over her mouth. He tore open her shirt and pushed his hand under her bra just as he lay his torso atop her back. Her chest was pushed into the cushions. She bucked under him, but he was at least a hundred pounds heavier than her.

His fingers found her youthful, full tit and squeezed. She needed a moment to comprehend what had happened. She was bent over a sofa seat, twisted over a man’s lap, his hand inside her shirt and bra, kneading her tit. Her hands were twisted in her lap, steel around her wrists, a leather band holding them at her waist.

She had been attacked. She was being molested. She was being muzzled. She was nearly helpless. If she did not escape, she knew she was in real danger. Sara struggled with all her might. It took Carlson by surprise. She pushed him off her just enough that she could slip out from under him. His fingers tried to hold onto her mouth, but she twisted her head, his fingertips snapping against her jawbone. With the twisting dexterity of a gymnast, Sara was away from from him, her feet finding the floor. She crouched, swiveling toward the rear exit. She was just able to get her balance, stand up, and open her mouth to spit the packing out when Mistress Elizabeth slammed her across the face with her open palm.

The packing caught in her teeth as Sara’s head snapped around, her hair flying, her legs stiffening. Explosions of stars clouded her vision as she felt herself floating backwards. The gagging was loose enough to allow a scream, but all she could muster was a falling sigh.

Within seconds, full realization had returned to her. It had been a slap -- a strong, savage slap -- just hard enough to stun her and stop her in her tracks. She had fallen back. She was now reclining on something. It wasn’t the floor; it was bumpy and pulpy. It was him. But she was under something too, an attacking vulture whose claws scratched at her face. The hospital continued to advise the student on the open phone line as Mistress Elizabeth stuffed the packing back into Sara Cullum’s mouth and secured it there with another leather strap.

Hugh Carlson was happy to hold the girl’s hair up so the dean could brutally tighten the strap at the back of Sara’s head.
Then Elizabeth was off the girl and striding back to the phone. Sara blinked again as she found herself seated on the tile floor, her legs out, her manacled hands twisting in her lap, a muffling invasion fastened in her mouth. Then the other hands returned.
Sara keened and bent over as two hands gripped her chest. They squeezed through the bra. They slipped into the bra -- rubbing, scratching, twisting, pinching, pushing, kneading.

Then, just as suddenly as they had started, they stopped. Sara’s head came up quickly in the moment her chest was free. Suddenly she knew what this was. She knew it was the eye of the hurricane, the moment of truth. What was actually happening here formed in her brain like an opening flower.

If they had wanted to kill her, they would have. They didn’t. For some reason, the dean of the college wanted her helpless and vulnerable. They wanted her hands imprisoned, her voice trapped, but they wanted her awake, aware, and with her legs free.
She had felt the rhythm of the assault. They had toyed with her until the man was free to molest her. Her shirt was open, her sweater wrenched down. She was now defenseless, but the molesting had stopped.
There was only one thing left now.

You can read ALL of EXPELLED right now - and own your own digital copy. Just  GO HERE  

Excerpt From: Geoffrey Merrick. “14885104.epub.” iBooks.

Excerpt From: Geoffrey Merrick. “14885104.epub.” iBooks.

Excerpt From: Geoffrey Merrick. “14885104.epub.” iBooks.


ShutIn CoverIt's another new TYLER Thriller... The fallout of perverse danger left from the Damsel Saga continues, as the mysterious evil that stalked and tormented Kate Lipton seeks to find a new victim for his demented lusts. Tragically, he finds it in innocent, kind, considerate Laurel Sherman, and sets about tricking her into an even worse predicament. The human monster cunningly traps her inside her family home, her own unaware granny an unsuspecting hostage just one floor below. Using corrupt sadistic, relatives, students, and even teachers to help keep her prisoner, the sweet heroine is turned from a happy young lady with her whole life ahead of her into an unwilling, captive Shut In. Want to get an e-pub or PDF to read instantly? - GO HERE Want a hard copy to collect & treasure? - COMING SOON