THE MEDIA ROOM: Bound For The East Part 1

There is no doubt about the connections between bondage and societies in the Far East. Frankly, while rope work is usually good, so many of the sequences in films and television are missing gags. However, I've manage to collect some which do feature ladies silenced and I begin sharing these here with two sequences:
The first has a decent gag, nice situation & good rope work. The second some interesting struggling from our captive.


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THE MEDIA ROOM: Daytime’s Greatest Gag?

denisealexanderpart2aScreen Shot 2014-02-18 at 4.59.06 PMPlayDamsel in distress story lines on (American) daytime TV usually don't contain the best restraints and hardly ever a gag that would be remotely effective. However, early in the 1980s, ABC's GENERAL HOSPITAL featured a brief sequence with actress Denise Alexander. As you can see from her rescue, that gag was a mouth filler with bandages and tape wrap added. The only bad part was that we never saw how she got in this fix in the first place.