Catching Up With TYLER

Hey all. It’s Geoff Merrick, reporting from the road, where Team Tyler are still trying to run the privateers called Candyman and Beach Bum to ground (FYI: Beach Bum is legitimately on the run, and hopefully on the ropes [all puns intended], since his one trick -- of waylaying bikini bunnies in a certain sand dune -- was spoiled … but being on constant run is a natural state for Candyman, who is much harder to pin down [all puns also intended]) – in addition to cleaning up the on-going messes all the Damsel’s stalkers continue to make (more on that in October).

To help keep even me abreast (yes, that pun too) of our progress, I thought a little state of the disunion was in order. Here’s where I am/we are in the publication of the new and remastered Tyler Files.

APRIL 2014 Rock Hard, the remastered, expanded, retelling of the 1985 book originally called Slaves to Rock’n’Roll was released, telling the sordid tale of a jaded rock star and his perverted entourage as they attacked, assaulted, silenced, enslaved, and despoiled sexy young fans and hopefuls alike – including the sweet, naïve sister of a teen who died of an overdose at one of the rocker’s parties.   Want to get an e-pub to read instantly? - GO HERE • Want a hard copy to collect & treasure? - GO HERE

MAY 2014 Damsel, part one of the “ultimate D.I.D.” saga, was released, telling of legendary “perfect victim” Kate Lipton’s struggle to escape her seemingly constant stalking, abductions, sexual abuse, near escapes, and frustrating recaptures from the United States to the middle east … as well as Tyler’s lowly dawning awareness that such an extraordinary beauty could actually exist -- and survive her torments. Want to get an e-pub to read instantly? - GO HERE  • Want a hard copy to collect & treasure? - GO HERE

JUNE 2014 Damsel II, the second part of Kate Lipton’s saga, was released, adding to her almost epic carnal struggle to escape her despoilers, from Middle Eastern harems through military bases to American sanitariums where she is used as the ultimate political pawn. Until, finally, one of the greatest sexual injustices even perpetrated on a beautiful girl changes her life, and Tyler’s, forever. Want to get an e-pub to read instantly? - GO HERE  • Want a hard copy to collect & treasure? - GO HERE

JULY 2014 Expelled, the rewritten, expanded story first published in 1985 as Bondage University, is released, reintroducing the evil white slaver code-named Mistress Elizabeth and her evil brood of depraved children -- who target only the most beautiful coeds they can trick or force into bound-and-gagged sexual slavery on an otherwise bucolic, unknowing campus community. Want to get an e-pub to read instantly? - GO HERE  

AUGUST 2014 Shut In, the first “fallout story” from the Damsel saga, is released, telling the tale of beautiful young coed Laurel Sherman, and what happens to her when she’s spotted by Kate Lipton’s first stalker, on the run from a crocked cop who appeared in the first Damsel novel. Kept prisoner in her own family house, a sorority house, the dean’s quarters, and finally the cellar of a greedy, jealous relative, it is a sweat-soaked tale of terror and captivity. Want to get an e-pub or PDF to read instantly? - GO HERE

SEPTEMBER 2014 If all goes well, Binding Contract, the remastered, rewritten story originally published in 1985 as Corporate Captives, will be released, introducing the white slavery Moriarty to Tyler’s Sherlock – T.P. Masters (the initials standing for The Procurer). A cruel, degenerate real estate magnate, whose sick upbringing, and even sicker actions, makes him think himself unstoppable, Masters uses his corrupt, sycophantic staff to grab, restrain, silence, and make sexually available  anyone he decides he wants – including a supremely sexy business exec, an intern, and even the blonde, blue-eyed daughter of a competitor. Coming on September 8th

So stay tuned … you ain’t read nothin’ yet. There’s a lot more to come ... including some brand new, free-free-free stories. Maybe even the tales of the Beach Bum and Candyman … if we can finally catch them and drag the stories out of them.

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