BOUND FOR HOLLYWOOD – A New Tyler Hits Here!


FINALLY! The new Tyler is out, and worth waiting for! The thriller first published twenty years ago as "Bound for Hollywood" has been extensively expanded, rewritten, and remastered to make it the blockbuster classic it always should have been. A perfect blonde girl next door … an adorably sexy commercial starlet … a sitcom sex symbol … four different auditioners for a teen channel’s latest hits … and even more get caught between Tyler and his nemesis, The Procurer. And you know what happens to pretty girls then, don’t you? Abductions, kidnappings, captivity, binds, gags, desperate attempts at escape, agonizing near rescues, and so much more.You can download your copy to read instantly here, but first a sneak preview:

As they neared the van, they saw a couple on the other side of the garage. But the group was making so much joyful noise and had so thoroughly encircled the tiny, shapely, thrashing girl that the couple didn't even see her before turning away in disdain from the "hooligans."

            “You see?” cried one, dragging Sky inside as the others shoved. “We're invincible now!”

            And so it seemed as they forced the girl with the achingly pretty Asian face and the full American teen body to the van floor, tore open the pleated skirt, yanked down her bulging bra, and went to town on her with their hands, mouths, and cocks. By the time they reached the street, her wrists were lashed behind her, and they were rutting her every orifice like animals.

            When they finally got to the warehouse, she lay twitching on her face in the back of the van, her wrists still tied behind her, cum dripping out her slack mouth, vagina, ass, and cleavage.

            Dawn was back in her cell, lying on her side on the mattress. Her skirt hem was around her waist, her ass was red from spanking, and her cum-soaked hands were trembling in the bonds behind her. Her knees and ankles were cinched, the latter attached to a ring in the floor. She was still gagged and her eyes had rolled back into her head.

            Trina was hog-tied in her cell, her squeezed globules bulging out of her dress because of the taut way her body was stretched. Her dress hem was half up her tight buttocks, which were deeply sawed by a crotch rope that stretched her vaginal lips like taffy. She was crying hysterically, fingers clawing, her nipple clips vibrating.

            Robyn sobbed wrenchingly in her cell, half out of a skintight silk, satin, and lace slip, seated on her keeper's lap, her aching toes barely touching the cement floor, her arms cuffed behind so that she was forced to hold her rapist to her as he squeezed her voluminous tits and slobbered on her face and neck.


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