Hey friends, fans, lurkers, haters, or trolls. Merrick here. Can’t remember whether I officially said we’d be trying to post a new(ish) Tyler Files novel here every month. But, in any case, it probably won’t be happening this month (November 2014).

Not surprisingly, the holidays are a particularly busy time for white slavers and renegade ex-white slavers alike. Seems that there are various preverts (sic) who want to surprise their significant others with a pretty, unwilling, girl under the tree or bush or Festivus pole or whatever -- which requires even an editor to pitch in and help out stopping them.

Thankfully, we’ve run both the procurers I mentioned in the last message (Beach Bum and Candyman) to ground, but are now dealing with the pressing incursions of three more: “RSO” (pronounced Rizo), a registered sex offender who seems to like testing the attention spans of his parole officers by grabbing girls under 5’3" and hiding them under his handlers’ very noses; MIA (pronounced Mia), who likes targeting fit, attractive cops, soldiers, or nurses; and Kawaii Katcher, who specializes in stalking, snatching, and secreting the cutest Asians he can find. This in addition to the usual gang of idiot WSNners and privateers.

So I hope you’ll forgive me, buy whichever Tyler Files novels you haven’t yet (GO HERE), and, better yet, tell whichever like-minded friends or tumblrs about Tyler and his Files.

If I don’t see you again before then, happy mmphing holidays!