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TylerWelcome, welcome, welcome to whiteslaver.com, the home of the Tyler Files.

It’s been a long time coming (if you’ll excuse the expression). It all started when I was about five – long before I even knew what sex was – and I saw a pretty nurse getting kidnapped on a TV show. Something went “sproing!” in my head (and pants), and, from then on, all my dad’s mens magazines, my brother’s pulp novels, and the media’s damsel-in-distress subplots had a new potency.

But I wasn’t happy about it. I’ve always been hero-oriented, far preferring Van Helsing, James Bond, and Sherlock Holmes to Dracula, Blofeld, or Moriarty. I wanted to save the damsel … but obviously also loved seeing her stalked, abducted, bound, gagged, and despoiled. Accepting that this was not something I chose, but was stuck with, I decided to make the best of it … by researching people’s fetishes as well as the real world of white slavery -- while creating adventures that released my tension rather than compounded it.

Luckily, after sending a fan letter, I got to work with the pioneers of the fetish-slash-bdsm media, H.O.M. and the great Bob Bishop, in the mid-1980’s to create twelve “Memoirs of a White Slaver” novels, two “Kidnapped Girls Agency” videos, and Kidnap: The Tyler Files magazine. These were not mannered tales of willing, deserving slaves and cruel, crop-wielding masters, but modern-day thrillers of an anti-hero battling evil amongst co-eds, cheerleaders, models, dancers, actresses, stewardesses, and all the other fantasy girls.

After the print run sold out, I kept writing, but mostly for myself and like-minded friends (although my work popped up on abductor.com site and is still being illustrated over at bdsmartwork.com). But I couldn’t help feeling that the time was finally right for me, and Tyler, to reappear in the 21st century. After dipping my toes in the digiwaters for about ten years, the stars finally aligned for this site.

Here’s where you’ll find the legendary dozen Tyler novels, but all newly edited, rewritten, expanded, and just generally “remastered” -- along with brand new, full-length, cutting-edge thrillers of desperados and damsels, antiheroes and abductions, beauties and beasts, manacles and muzzles -- in both hard copy and e-book form.

But that’s not all, folks. Take a look around. You’ll find fun freebies from many mediums – books, comics, TV movies, and more -- all with no membership fees. And things here will be turning up quickly – we’re aiming for three or more updates in any given week.

But still there’s more. Stick around for some classic TV and movie scenes we’re putting on DVD, and a new book in the Tyler series every month. I hope you’ll find it as exciting as I do. In fact, in addition to the “Talk to Tyler” forum, we’re working toward finding a way to create tailor-made stories and/or films from your ideas. Yes - a custom video or an original short story, directed/written by me based on what YOU ask for!

More on that in the coming weeks. But for now, welcome … and enjoy?!


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