THE LIBRARY: Tying The Knot Part 4

Knot4TYING THE KNOT Part 4 {Continued From Here}

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by Steve. We thank them for letting us share it with you here}


The third guy drove as Tina reached for anything behind her with aching fingers from her tightly bound wrists. Tina squished in place again and again, the man beneath her forcing her onto his impaling pole, and the man on the back seat jerking her head up and down on his cock with both his hands wrapped deep into her hair. Neither touched her tits, since they were already swimming in cum--the men had filled her D-cups with their jism and pasted them to her tits even before they left the church. She gurgled and choked, unable to bite.

Jenny prayed for Tina as Jonas rammed into her anus again. He lay atop her, top half on the rear seat, bottom over the limo floor as he repeatedly thrust his fetid dick between her legs, through her torn g-string, and deep into her tight, aching asshole.

“This doesn’t change anything, bitch,” he seethed through clenched teeth. “I don’t like to fuck bitches…I just like to torment them…!!

Jenny writhed in place, twisting, but she wasn't going anywhere. She could only look up, in hate and wonder, at the men on either side of her, looking down as if she were a porno star. She sucked in her breath and sweated profusely as he tore open her dress top, yanked down her bra, and mauled her breasts while laughingly surging.

"Nice tits, Jenn," he admired, twisting them as if they were big juicing grapefruit.

"Much stronger and girlie-shaped than I expected." He slid his tree-trunk cock all the way back inside of her, cooing. "Ah, but your ass...your ass is as tight as I always knew it would be...had to be, since it is attached to those long, smooth legs a'yours."

He went in and out, in and out again. "And, ya know? It's even better that you're in here, fuckin' bound and fuckin gagged, insteada' in school or church, showin' off your bod. No, you're in the back of a fuckin' limo, your fuckin dress torn off, your fuckin' pink high heels stuck on, getting raped in the middle of town!"

Jenny screeched at him, her neck and forehead veins bulging out, her leg muscles bunching, spazzing, and cramping, sweat splashing down her head and hair.

"Oh yeah?" he replied. "Well, how about that?!" He nailed her with his cock, then kept fucking her from on his knees, motioning at her revealed tits to his best men. "Hold her up, boys," he said. "The best way you know how."

Jonas kept fucking her up the ass as the men each reached down and took one of her nipples between their pinching thumbs and forefingers. Jenny started shrieking right away...for all the good it did her.

They lifted up as if landing a fish. They pulled her a half inch off the limo seat by her nipples. Jonas grabbed her hips, just over her clawing, bound hands, and jerked her faster on his full, thick erection. Jenny could only slam the top of her head down on the seat and scream into her gag and the padded chair back.

They all came, of course...

The man in the bride's limo erupted deep into Tina's mouth then quickly and brutally corked the cum all the way in with a padded penis-prod gag he had waiting on the seat beside him. When he was sure the choking, shaking girl couldn't get the white, thick jism out from around the rubber penis or through the sponge wrapped panel, he let her torso surge up to completely sit on her latest rapist. As she swallowed and moaned desperately, her raw wrists twisting in their lace covered bonds, the second man gripped her stocking tops and creamy thighs to drill even further into her anus.

Unable to resist any longer, he tore down her bra cups and filled his hands with her bulbous, cum-coated boobs. Finally he sat up to embrace her, slobbering on her tits as he too cannoned his viscous load all the way inside her tiny, incredibly voluptuous form.

Meanwhile, Jonas pushed all the way inside his former schoolmate and let fly. Only then did he slap down on her chest between her stretched out tits, snapping her nipples from his friends' hands.

She fell to the seat, sobbing, her cheeks (and adhering tape) sucking in and blowing out.

He slowly pulled his slime-coated prod out of her engorged anus, then slowly wiped it on each breast as she wept. "There, there," he said soothingly. "That's all right, Jenny. The honeymoon is only beginning...."

"Let me tell you how it's going to be," Jonas casually told Jenny's tortured, profusely sweating, pain-wracked face. She lay on the limo's back seat, sandwiched between his best men, the one beneath her having his stiff, long cock up her ass, and the one atop her holding a banana-shaped dildo all the way up her cunt. They both moved inexorably, driving home their points in no uncertain terms.

Jonas loved the way her long long legs stretched out on either side of the rapist sandwich, the way her short-short skirt lay bunched around her slim slim waist, and the rest of her pink dress lay bunched around her straining arms. He loved the way her fingers clawed the air as she couldn't get her wrists away from the channel between the top of her firm firm thighs and the bottom of her tight tight ass.

And he loved the way her face was caught between her fuckers' chests so all she could do was stare at him from over mouth-stuffed, lip-sealing professional strength tape. "...You and my... wife... are, of course, mine until I say otherwise. But it doesn't end there. Oh no."



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