THE LIBRARY: The Audition Part 11

{This story originally appeared on BDSMARTWORK and features some amazing art by SteveWe thank them for letting us share it with you here}

Lydia dreamed of her childhood. She dreamed of holidays with her parents in England . She dreamed of the Yule log candies she always had in her Christmas stocking. She remembered how she had always tried to take the whole thing into her mouth at once. She remembered it filling her cheeks, distending her jaw. She remembered how her family laughed and laughed and laughed....

She woke up with it in her mouth again.  

Lydia's face was full of cloth. Her mouth was full of cock, her jaw forced open by a ring gag. The dress was still on, but the bodice was ripped. Her knees were taped. So were her elbows. She was kneeling on the floor in front of the passenger seat. Her agent was sitting there. Her head was seat-belted onto his lap.

Lydia 's eyes rolled right. Madge was driving. "She's awake," she said.

"So I see," the agent said pleasantly, resting his hand on the back of Lydia 's head. "So I feel...!

Lydia jerked in place, this way and that, trying to see how far her arms  would reach, how much give the seat belt allowed, and whatever else she could discover.

She discovered the dildo was still in, and on.

She jerked again, complaining, causing the agent to slouch and coo. "That's it, baby," he sighed, caressing her hair. "Talk all you want."

"Enough," Joyce interrupted from the van's rear. "Get her back here before she starts clawing the window."

The agent immediately unclipped the seatbelt and dragged Lydia off his lap by her hair. "Wouldn't want any passing trucker to call this in on his radio band." He held Lydia 's head up for a moment, admiring her flushed, flaccid, yet still angelic face. Then he put his forefinger in her forced-open mouth and played the tip around her tongue and cheeks.

"I said enough!" Joyce barked.

"Just checking for obstructions," he said lightly, then started dragging her across his lap.

He handed her head to Joyce, who kept dragging her back. Lydia flopped onto the van floor, her hands windmilling, her feet kicking. Joyce sat on the van floor, her back against the driver's seat rear. She pulled Lydia onto her lap, forcing her to face the compartment.

Lydia 's eyes got as wide as her lolling mouth, then she cringed, groaning. She already knew it was inevitable; what else had she expected to see?

Rebecca, of course, was there. She was sitting on her knees, each ankle bound to each knee. Her arms were wide, strapped by the wrists to the opposite walls of the van. Her shoes were still on. Her suit jacket was still on, but opened wide. Her skirt was still on, but bunched around her waist. Her grey silk garter belt was still on, as were her stockings.

Coveralls was under her, his huge cock all the way inside her. Sweatpants was standing before her, his cock all the way in her pried open mouth. The Novocain can was on the mattress. Their hands were inside her bone-grey lace underwire bra.

Lydia 's back arched as Joyce started kneading her tits. She shuddered and shuddered, then, much to her amazement, lost consciousness again...

When Lydia awoke, Rebecca was lying on her back, but not on the van floor or mattress. She was lying, back to front, on Sweatpants, whose jelly-covered cock was all the way up her ass. Coveralls was, in turn, lying front to front on top of her, his shaft all the way inside her cunt.

Her wrists and legs were strapped wide, to opposite corners of the van. In her mouth now was strapped a huge red ball gag. Her eyes were closed as they rutted, and her breath came out of her nose in bursts each time they rammed in unison. Her jacket, skirt, stockings, shoes, and garter belt were still on, but her bra had now joined the Novocain can on the floor.

Lydia felt hands still on her breasts, but suddenly she realized they were not female. She also realized that the dildo, rubber panties, and patches of gritty tape over her nipples were gone as well. She looked down in surprise, and then up as her agent suddenly threw her off his lap.

"What's the matter, darling?" he hissed with supreme pleasure, "jealous?" He pushed her down on her back alongside the pair of huge raping blacks. Only then did she realize that her legs were untied and there was a huge, velvet-covered, rectangular (yet oval) wedge completely filling her strapped mouth.

As the agent tore open the tattered dress, suddenly Joyce was there, grabbing Lydia 's ankles and strapping them to the van's ceiling on either side of the agent's torso.

44/The agent filled his hands with the blonde's breasts and did a reverse push-up on her chest. He lay across her body as Buchler considerately undid his belt and pulled down his pants for him.

"I missed you," he whispered with a smile as she turned her head away and choked on a scream. "After we arrive at our destination, I won't have much chance for an encore performance, so I better take advantage now ... of your greatest role ever."

He positioned his already stiff prick between her cunt lips, and forced it in against her shrieking, tightened muscles. He grabbed her hair and pushed it all the way in.

Lydia 's eyes popped open as she felt something else. Something ... something ....! She felt Buchler's jelly-covered fingers sliding into her alongside the agent's shaft, coating her vaginal walls, creaming the way.

Then they were gone, and there was only her agent's pulsating prick, now welcomed by her sex.